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Adding Public Safety Services to a DAS

Adding Public Safety Services to a DAS

A distributed antenna system (DAS) can be configured to support public safety channels, making distributed antenna networks an important component in assisting fire departments, police services, emergency medical services, and other public safety officials responding to problems within buildings.

Using a DAS or a wireless monitoring system provides safety for employees and guests within a building, giving public safety agencies and responders the opportunity to act quickly.

Channel Use and Network Expansion

When considering public safety and distributed antenna networks, administrators should find out what channels are used by responders. Distributed antenna networks should support every channel — some agencies may share bands but it is possible that each agency has different requirements.

A DAS can expand the reach and capabilities of a wireless monitoring system. Even large buildings can benefit from the public safety services of a DAS.

Maintenance and Testing

Of course, a wireless monitoring system is useless for public safety if it is not functioning well. Take steps to ensure your wireless monitoring system are in good repair.

Distributed antenna networks should also be configured with survivability in mind, built using NEMA enclosures and battery backups. Weatherproofing and redundancy are important considerations for distributed antenna networks.

When using distributed antenna networks for public safety, data should be transmitted in a clear and distortion freeway so important information can be relayed without delays, interference, or other problems.

When it comes to keeping a DAS system working well, a wireless monitoring system can be used to handle diagnostics. The remote diagnostic capabilities of a wireless monitoring system saves your business money as technicians may not have to be dispatched to your site to deal with problems in person.

In many cases, adding public safety services to distributed antenna networks is more challenging as a retrofit than installing a new system. If your business is considering installing or upgrading distributed antenna networks or a wireless monitoring system it may be wise to contact a cabling installation and system design company to handle the transition.

Using a DAS to enable a wireless monitoring system or to upgrade capabilities for safety agencies, could be the difference between averting disaster or experiencing tragedy.

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