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Best DAS Antenna Systems

Best DAS Antenna Systems

A distributed antenna system is key to providing the best wireless coverage to your clients and customers.

Using a distributed antenna system you can fix isolated spots of dismal coverage. Small antennas work as repeaters, spreading your wireless signal out.

The distributed antenna system you choose should be effective, taking up little visual room and working equally well indoors and outside. DAS installation should not be complicated, and the system should be affordable. When looking for a distributed antenna system you should also ensure it meets the IEEE 802.11ac wireless networking standard.

You might think that your telecommunications provider is able to handle all of this, and they may have a DAS that they sell or suggest to their users — but wouldn’t you rather have the very best, top of the line distributed antenna system? It is often well worth the effort to do your own research and find a product that truly meets all of your wireless coverage needs.

So how can you choose the right system, and ensure that your DAS installation goes smoothly?

Getting help from a professional cabling company like CTS Cabling takes all of the confusion out of shopping for a DAS! From IEEE 802.11ac compliance to finding a DAS with a multi-band design to support all of the frequencies you need, CTS Cabling knows a lot about technology and can find the best distributed antenna system for your situation.

Once we have helped you select your DAS, we can also help with DAS installation. It is important that your distributed antenna system be set up properly, to ensure the strongest wireless signal possible. After all, what is the point of buying a DAS if it is not going to work at its best?

Our DAS installation services are comprehensive, taking you from start to finish with our qualified, certified technicians. If you want a long-lasting system that is put together perfectly, CTS Cabling is the company to call.

If you have any questions about DAS installation or other aspects of a distributed antenna system, or want to know more about IEEE 802.11ac and how it can affect your DAS and other network devices, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to share more information about cabling, devices, and networking, so you can get the most out of your technology.

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