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Best Fiber Network Cards

Best Fiber Network Cards

A fiber network card, otherwise known as a fiber optic network interface card, lets your computer connect to a fiber optic network whether it’s an active optical network or passive optical network. The fiber network card connects your computer and a fiber network cable, so you can prepare, send, and control data on the passive optical network.

Your fiber network card may already be installed on your computer’s motherboard, allowing you to connect to the passive optical network with a fiber network cable right away. If this card is not installed, however, you will need to add it to your existing hardware.

When you are looking for the best fiber network card for your system, consider your interface. To connect to the passive optical network you may need to physically install the fiber network card in your computer, with a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) based system. Or, a USB based fiber network card may be available, allowing you to hook up to the network without having to open your computer up.

Some fiber network cards work better for laptop computers, providing extra security for devices that routinely hook up to different networks. These fiber network cards are typically of the plug-and-play variety, so you can simply install the card via USB, hook up your fiber network cable, and join the passive optical network or other network of your choice.

For desktop computers, PCI-based cards are more common as it is less likely that you will need to switch your configurations frequently, given that the computer is probably staying in one place and connecting to one main passive optical network with a fiber network cable.

You should also ensure that your fiber network card works with your operating system. Not all network cards are designed to work with every OS, so be sure to look at what you are purchasing before you commit to it, to avoid getting a network card that won’t work with your particular computer setup.

If you are unsure of where to start when purchasing a fiber network card, or setting up your connection to a passive optical network or other fiber network, you can get assistance from the tech experts at CTS Cabling. We can get your devices connected to the fiber network quickly, in a cost-effective manner.

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