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Blue Point Alert Systems

Blue Point Alert Systems

Blue Point Alert systems are revolutionary and potentially lifesaving tools that are priceless in the event of an emergency. Blue Point Alert includes a pull alarm system, with fixed stations strategically placed throughout a building for anyone to easily use. When pulled, first responders are immediately alerted while building occupants simultaneously receive alerts, which include high-ambient sound, strobe lights and messages over an integrated PA system. Portable devices are also included as part of the system for strategically chosen building occupants, such as a building superintendent.

The Blue Point Alert system as a whole is technologically advanced, and greatly enhances existing emergency protocol. By working with security system companies in AZ to install such a system, building occupants receive huge safety benefits, including the following:

  • In emergency situations, people tend to panic, meaning they don’t always react rationally. With Blue Point Alert systems installed by security system companies in AZ, individuals can rest at ease knowing they are being well taken care of as the system requires little to no human action.
  • With a Blue Point Alert system, first responders are notified immediately. With this instant alert, law enforcement can get on site very quickly.
  • With this immediate alert, first responders are also able to begin emergency protocols soon after the incident. As such, law enforcement is typically able to establish immediate control over emergency situations, restoring safety to building occupants at a much faster rate.

By working with a company specializing in structured cabling and security cameras in Tucson and other areas, you can professionally install a Blue Point Alert system that will better secure your building, and provide safety for each occupant.

If you are interested in structured cabling for security and digital surveillance in Tucson and Phoenix, and other areas throughout the Southwest, the professionals at CTS Cabling, one of the top security system companies in AZ, can help. Our company has specialized experience in security technologies, including security systems for business or residence as well as emergency communication systems, such as Blue Point Alert. To learn more about security systems and security cameras in Tucson or another city, call CTS Cabling at 877-685-2626 or contact us online.

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