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CTS Awarded Installation of DAS and Wi-Fi Network at US Airways Center

CTS Awarded Installation of DAS and Wi-Fi Network at US Airways Center

CTS in conjunction with Airwave Wireless, LLC were awarded the installation of a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) and Wi-Fi network at the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix, home to the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. In addition to sports, the venue also hosts concerts, family friendly shows and other entertainment events throughout the year.

In 2004, the US Airways Center underwent a $70 million project. Major technological improvements were made to the venue, including a 900-foot LED ribbon, a scoreboard with HDTV screens and a new sound system. This year, the US Airways Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary and continues to make improvements, most recently the new DAS and Wi-Fi network.

A DAS system contains a central hub, along with a system of nodes that are placed in multiple locations within a specific area to provide a strong signal. Over 375,000 linear feet of RG-6 and RG-11 coaxial cable, a product used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals, was installed to link to 325 DAS nodes across the US Airways Center to improve communication networks in the Phoenix venue.

To strengthen the Wi-Fi throughout the building, 300 Wi-Fi locations were placed in the facility, connected by 100,000 linear feet of Category 6 cable. This cabling has a guaranteed bandwidth of 200 MHz and also has improved near-end crosstalk and far-end crosstalk elimination due to the wire pairs, which are twisted more frequently than other cabling. Category 6 cable ensures that the Wi-Fi system has a strong, consistent and high speed connection.

To support the new communication networks in the Phoenix US Airways Center, 25,000 linear feet of EMT conduit and junction boxes were installed as well as a new fiber optic backbone system. CTS installed 48 strand single mode cable from the head end room to each of the 22 IDF rooms in the venue for DAS purposes. A six strand single mode cable was used to connect the head room to each of the IDF rooms for the Wi-Fi network. Additionally, CTS fusion spliced over 1,400 single mode SC and LC pigtails to connect the entire network.

CTS Cabling provided the US Airways Center with a cellphone and wireless solution that works for the large crowds that continue to pack the venue. A specialist in the installation of communication networks in Phoenix, CTS provides solutions to industries throughout Arizona as well as Utah. Please call CTS Cabling today at 877-685-2626 or contacts us online to learn more about the installation of communication networks in Phoenix.

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