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Different Types of Cables & When to Use Them

Different Types of Cables & When to Use Them

Copper cabling, fiber network cable— do you know what these things are, or is it all gibberish to you? Even those who are involved with the tech world may find themselves overwhelmed by all of the different types of cable available on the market.

From copper cabling to fiber network cable, all types of cable have applications within which they work best, and situations where an alternative would be much better suited for use. While it’s always a good idea to work with a professional cabling company like CTS Cabling to sort out what types of cable you need, here are a few cable facts that can help get you started.

Copper Cabling

Copper cabling is one of the types of cable that is widely used in telecommunications. It has numerous advantages, the first being that it is relatively inexpensive to purchase and install.

If you want to power your devices using Ethernet, copper cabling will allow you to do so, which is a great way to save money and ensure that your devices will work even if you lose conventional power.

Currently, copper cabling is still one of the major industry standards, so it is easy to find devices that work with it without needing adaptation.

Fiber Network Cable

Fiber network cable is growing in popularity. It is generally more expensive to purchase than copper, but over a lifetime can be more economical as it requires less maintenance and upkeep.

Fiber network cable is lightweight and resilient, and offers a high bandwidth. This type of cable is also very secure.

Considerations for Plenum Cable Usage

A plenum cable runs through the plenum space of a building — that is, it the area that provides for air circulation for heating and cooling systems. Every plenum cable has to meet fire safety standards.

If you plan to use copper cabling or fiber network cable as plenum cable, be sure that it meets all standards!

Whether you need plenum cable or are looking to install network cabling elsewhere in your home or business, CTS Cabling can help you come up with the best cable infrastructure, tailor made to your needs. CTS Cabling is staffed by experienced and qualified technicians who are happy to help you decide what cables you should buy.

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