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How Can Meridian Help You?

How Can Meridian Help You?

Meridian is a company that offers mobile software allowing businesses to develop and maintain mobile apps that connect with clients using GPS and additional wifi technology that is location aware.

Features and Benefits of Meridian as a Monetization Tool

Think about it — no matter what industry you are in, if you offer access to your wifi network, customers will probably use it. With this in mind, you may as well use wifi technology and access control programs to make money.

Your business can turn its wifi network into profit with access control programs like Meridian’s. It can be used to send timely, location based alerts to clients using your wifi network, directing them to products, special offerings, and events.

Access control programs like Meridian offers also enable you to look at customer demographics and analytics once they connect using wifi technology and your mobile app. You can see how clients use and interact with your app, and how they navigate your location.

Wifi technology is a worthy investment for any business, and Meridian’s access control programs add to that profitability.

Meridians Push Notifications – Using WiFi Technology to Connect with Clients

Meridian’s location aware wifi technology can be used to send push notifications to clients as they enter certain areas. For instance, if they are walking by a place with a special event, a push notification will be sent using the wifi network, alerting the client to check out your offerings.

Way Finding with Meridian and Your Wifi Network

Meridian’s NavKit app will let your clients use your wifi network to find their way around your property. All you have to do is send in your blueprints and Meridian will turn them into maps that are easily accessed using wifi technology. You can then highlight specific features of your business, so if a customer is walking by, or searching for something, they can see every detail on their mobile devices.

The BluDotKit gives users a view of where they are within your property, using wifi technology. They will see their location represented as a blue dot on the map as long as they are connected to your app using the wifi network.

More and more, businesses want to meet their clients and customers where they can be found easily — using mobile technology and access control programs on the wifi network helps businesses readily interact with their customers.

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