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How to Choose a CCTV Security Camera Lens

How to Choose a CCTV Security Camera Lens

When installing a new surveillance system, it’s especially important that you select a high quality lens. Security systems in Phoenix are excellent safety measures that help to protect property; however, without a sharp lens, you will never be able to properly capture any clear footage.

The following is a list of questions to ask yourself when selecting a security camera lens to meet your needs:

Should I use a Manual Iris or an Auto Iris Lens?

A manual iris is fixed while an auto iris lens adjusts for light variations. If you are using a surveillance system for an area where the lighting doesn’t change, such as an office building, you can save money by choosing a manual iris. Auto iris lenses are more costly, but are the best choice for areas where lighting often changes, such as outdoors.

Should I use a Monofocal, Varifocal or Zoom Lens?

Monofocal lenses, much like the manual iris, can only focus at a specific distance. They are the cheapest of the lens family, but are still able to provide adequate surveillance. Varifocal lenses provide you with the luxury of manually adjusting the focal length to a range of your choosing. Zoom lenses are superior to both the monofocal and varifocal lenses. These lenses automatically adjust the focal length to get the clearest focus on any given object.

What focal length is appropriate for my needs?

If you are using surveillance in an office or warehouse area, you will likely want wide footage of the entire area. For this type of surveillance, you need only a small lens somewhere around 2.8 or 4 mm. If you want to view a smaller area, such as a waiting room or a hallway, use an 8 mm lens. This will narrow the view and make the objects larger, allowing you to capture more detail.

Should I use a C or CS Mount?

When it comes time to mount the cameras for your security systems in Phoenix, you will use either C mounts or CS mounts. While many cameras say “C/CS Mount”, meaning they allow either, there are some cameras and lenses that specifically need one or the other. A C Mount has a 17.5 mm space between the image sensor and the lens while a CS Mount has a 12.5 mm space between the image sensor and the lens. If you use the wrong mount for your camera, the images will not be very sharp.

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