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Improving the Wi-Fi User Experience

Improving the Wi-Fi User Experience

Accessing WiFi is a common, everyday thing in the average network user’s life – with mobile equipment, WiFi hotspots available all over the world, and increasingly fast and easy-to-use technology, it’s little wonder that more and more people are using this type of network.
But how can operators improve the WiFi user experience?

WiFi is being used to enable cellular offload by many operators, but for users, it’s the first network they turn off when they run into issues. When a user is stuck dealing with poor connectivity, inability to roam, bandwidth problems and long load times, switching off WiFi seems like the first trick to try. Operators can combat this by using 802.11ai technology.

802.11ai technology offers many benefits. It reduced the number of link-setup messages to four, which is much lower than what is required for many legacy WiFi setups. The initial link setup time is very fast with 802.11ai technology, which translates into happy users.

802.11ai also allows for an increased user capacity, even if there are many users trying to access the same WiFi network – this should be of interest to all operators, but especially those that serve large public networks like transportation stations, hotels, and event venues.

Roaming is important to your user base, and you can make this a good experience by using 802.11ai – this technology lets STAs find the best AP almost instantly, so users barely register an interruption, if at all.

If you’re an operator looking for a flexible WiFi deployment model, talk to your cable contractor in Phoenix, like CTS Cabling, about 802.11ai and how it can benefit you and your users. By deploying 802.11ai you can easily address many of the common problems WiFi users complain about while strengthening your network and getting an edge up on your competition.

A cable contractor in Phoenix, like CTS Cabling, can help you design and implement anything you need to make your network the best it can be. When you get your WiFi network working well, and have a happy, satisfied user base, you may find that you spend less money and time dealing with customer complaints, freeing up resources to improve your networks in even more ways. It’s a win-win situation, for you and your clients, so don’t hesitate to work with CTS cabling to maximize your networking potential.

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