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LTE for Indoor needs

LTE for Indoor needs

Wifi systems for business go hand in hand with LTE, when you are trying to meet indoor connectivity needs. Working together, these two systems can create the best connectivity.

LTE is commonly known as 4G LTE, and is a wireless communication standard, used to transmit high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.

Users expect coverage everywhere, even indoors. Wifi systems for business do have a place, but for indoor deployments, distributed antenna systems work well.

Distributed antenna system companies can install a network that will support various devices, ensuring there are no gaps in reliability and connectivity. When you overlay distributed antenna systems with LTE, you are providing high capacity and speed.

Technology companies are putting a focus on LTE technology, and other technologies distributed antenna system companies can use in conjunction with their existing infrastructure. Instead of simply working with wifi systems for business, the doors have been opened to tailoring your chosen technology for your specific building and user base.

For instance, Ericsson has introduced a new LTE software suite, Ericsson Networks Software 16A, which promises to increase uplink speeds by up to 200 percent and downlink speeds by up to 30 percent. It also supports LTE-Unlicensed.

This is important, as Ericsson is looking to a future in which many users have multiple mobile devices, as well as other connected devices via the Internet of Things. This means that stable, reliable indoor coverage is hugely important now, and will be even more important as people begin relying on their LTE-enabled devices at a higher rate.

Many people believe just LTE, or just wifi systems for businesses are ideal, but when you deploy both at the same time, your distributed antenna systems will benefit the highest number of people. When your network options are robust, you will keep more users happy.

If you are trying to sort out what networking options are best for your indoor needs, it is a good idea to check with experts at distributed antenna system companies, who can check out your space, talk to you about your goals, and help you determine what combination of technology will be ideal for your purposes. You will likely end up with a combination of LTE and other networking technology, perfectly suited for your business, and designed to keep your users happy.

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