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PoE Plus Standard Increases Available Power

PoE Plus Standard Increases Available Power

If you are trying to streamline your workspace, including wireless networking systems, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a great way to simplify. Using cabling that delivers data, PoE delivers power as well, making your Ethernet cabling dual purpose. Even better, the introduction of PoE Plus uses ethernet cabling to provide 51 watts of power, almost four times what previous PoE systems could deliver.

Using Ethernet cabling to deliver both power and data for wireless networking saves businesses money by reducing installation costs, cabling costs, and the expenses of running AC power.

PoE Plus works on a variety of powered devices, from security cameras to wireless networking access points. As long as the device uses Ethernet cabling, PoE Plus may be installed. Many peripherals and wireless networking components already use Ethernet cabling.

Compared to other systems like Universal Serial Bus (USB), PoE Plus can be more versatile as it allows for longer lengths of cabling up to 100 meters or 330 feet. For some peripheral devices and wireless networking needs, PoE Plus is preferred over USB or FireWire as it delivers more power than what these other power technologies can provide. For the highest power level attainable with PoE Plus, category 5 cabling should be used, but category 3 cabling can also be used if less power is sufficient.

PoE Plus is designed to request status information from powered devices like wireless networking access points and peripherals. This means that it is dynamic — using Ethernet cabling, PoE Plus only gives maximum power to powered devices when it is needed, rather than providing maximum power all of the time, thus creating a far more efficient use of power than other power technology options. This saves money for businesses by reducing power bills.

When you are ready to install PoE Plus or upgrade an existing PoE system, it is a good idea to contact an experienced systems design and cable installation company. It is important to ensure your wireless networking system, powered devices, and Ethernet cabling are compatible with PoE. You may require additional cooling systems or upgrades to your universal power supply.

Overall, PoE is an excellent technology when used to upgrade the speed and efficiency of a wireless networking system or other powered devices. There is no need to overcomplicate your workspace — simply use the Ethernet cabling you already have, save money, and enjoy more power.

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