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Sound Masking 101

Sound Masking 101

Sound masking systems are often used by businesses to reduce distracting noise. Most sound masking systems produce a sound that is similar to that of an air conditioner, mixing with the office noise to make it less noticeable. By using sound masking, the environment becomes much more comfortable for employees, leading to an increase in productivity.

Companies specializing in fiber optics installation and business security system installation in Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding areas regularly work with sound masking systems. The following are a couple of the most common places such systems are requested for installation:

  • Open Office Spaces. With open office plans, sound can be a huge problem. Distractions, such as phone calls and conversations between co-workers are very commonplace, which can sink levels of productivity. While the workplace being too loud is usually the issue, it can also be a problem if it is too quiet. In quiet environments, the smallest noises can become huge distractions. Additionally, some workers may feel uncomfortable working in complete silence. For this reason, many businesses turn to fiber optics installation companies to provide them with effective sound masking solutions.
  • Private Office Spaces. While private office spaces do provide more privacy than open office spaces, they still aren’t perfect. Many times, private offices don’t effectively block out sound, allowing confidential conversations to be heard outside the door, or even down the hall. In order to reduce the risk of information leaks, an increasing number of businesses with private office spaces are installing sound masking systems.

No matter what the layout of your office space, it is beneficial to consider sound masking system installation from a company specializing in fiber optics installation.

If you are interested in a sound masking system for your office space, the fiber optics installation experts at CTS Cabling can help. Sound masking systems are high performing, easy to install and cost effective. Additionally, they are highly customizable, meaning they can be designed and installed in a way that works best for your specific workplace layout. To consult with experts in fiber optics and business security system installation in Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding areas, call CTS Cabling at 877-685-2626 or contact us online.

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