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The Importance of Being First to Market with LTE

The Importance of Being First to Market with LTE

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is a type of wireless communication, allowing mobile phones and data terminals to share high-speed data. Downlink peak rates are 300 Mbit/s, with uplink peak rates of 75 Mbit/s.

Many operators are using a pre-existing type of network, 3G/High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA), but are finding their systems taxed by the expanding user base and applications that are resource-hungry. The choice must be made — continue to try and make 3G/HSPA work against these problems, or switch to 4G/LTE? With a bit of research, the answer is clear — LTE is the network of the future, and it’s important to make this switch as soon as possible.

Mobile network operators who want to make the switch to 4G/LTE have a few choices. They can deploy it widely as soon as possible, or roll it out slowly. As more mobile network operators choose to deploy 4G/LTE, the ones who have held off are falling behind their competitors.
Here are a few reasons why mobile network operators should move to 4G/LTE, and quickly.

Customers who have access to 4G/LTE networks tend to use their devices more frequently, as the wireless network is more responsive and quick. For mobile network operators, this means increased revenue, which is the end goal of every for-profit company.

Switching to an LTE wireless network is also a good way to keep your clients happy. Of course, they will be willing to spend more money, if their overall experience is better. You will reduce support tickets and time spent fixing problems when you switch to the best wireless network available.

Many clients like to be early adopters, so making this wireless network available is a good way for mobile network operators to cash in on this phenomenon. Power users who understand and appreciate the nuances of various types of wireless networks will be happy to switch over as soon as you make 4G/LTE available, increasing your revenue while giving you time to convince your other users to give it a try.

Major mobile network operators in North America, and other areas of the world, have seen great rewards as a result of jumping from 3G/HSPA to 4G/LTE. With the promise of speed, responsiveness, and increased user satisfaction, there’s no reason not to switch!

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