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What is HD Base T?

What is HD Base T?

HD Base T is a type of cabling technology that transmits high definition video, audio, control signals, and power using category 5 cabling. Using this category 5 cabling, people will be able to connect all of their household entertainment devices.

Using category 5 cabling, HD BASE T sends video, audio, ethernet and controls from its source to users’ devices, then transfers ethernet and controls back, using far less data.

If you are currently connected with ethernet cabling, cabling contractors can help you switch seamlessly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

HD Base T category 5 cabling technology reduces the amount of cabling required overall. Only one length of category 5 cabling is needed for power and to enable transmission to numerous devices. Instead of having to work with a mess of ethernet cabling, each handling a different aspect of the network, category 5 cabling is used in lengths of 100 m with a single hop and up to 800 m with eight hops. Cabling contractors can minimize the amount of cabling required.

Users are not limited by the locations of power outlets in their homes, because with the help of cabling contractors using HD Base T category 5 cabling technology, entertainment devices do not need to be plugged into the wall.

It’s a good choice for people who are already connected using ethernet cabling, because though it does not travel using the ethernet network, it can be installed by cabling contractors via the already existing ethernet cabling infrastructure. HD Base T is physically the same as ethernet cabling when it comes to connecting, but uses different technology.

Users who connected their household with ethernet cabling will not have to invest in additional equipment when using HD Base T category 5 cabling technology.

HD Base T cannot power a television that uses over 100W of energy. However, the market is turning toward televisions that consume less power. Cabling contractors can help you determine if your TV can be powered by HD Base T.

Applications of HD Base T

Cabling contractors have numerous applications for HD Base T that can be advantageous for users.

HD Base T is perfect for making media rooms beautiful thanks to its ability to hide ethernet cabling easily — one switch can power many devices. HD Base T can also be set up by cabling contractors in professional settings. It works well for projection, digital signage, and industrial PC needs.

Hiring cabling contractors to handle your HD Base T installation will ensure the utmost in customization!

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