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Your business likely relies on audiovisual systems to facilitate communication between employees, customers, partners, and associates, both on and offsite. Does your existing system provide streamlined communication, or is the design outdated and unreliable? Corporate Technology Solutions can expertly implement a commercial AV system for your facility, whether you’re expanding and upgrading your current system or starting a new one from scratch.

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What Businesses Need Commercial AV Systems?

Could your business benefit from a state-of-the-art screen setup, high-end microphone, or video conferencing capabilities? Here are the industries that benefit the most from having an AV system:

  • Healthcare, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and retirement communities
  • Education from elementary schools to universities
  • Government, including data labs, convention centers, state departments, and detention centers
  • Small Businesses rely on effective AV systems to operate efficiently and scale with growth
  • Other Commercial and industrial buildings, such as car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, transportation centers, arenas, and retail stores

Benefits of Working With Us for Your Audiovisual Needs

To ensure a hassle-free design and installation process, plus ongoing customer service and support, it’s critical to partner with a company that can meet your audiovisual needs. Corporate Technology Solutions is the right AV specialist for the job. Here’s why we’re confident we can exceed your expectations in every way:

  • We have been in business for over 20 years.
  • Our team has completed thousands of AV projects in the Phoenix area.
  • We install AV products from well-known brands like Crestron, Epson, LG, JBL, and many more.
  • Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • We offer 24/7 tech support for your peace of mind.

Audiovisual System Design & Installation

An AV specialist at Corporate Technology Solutions will work closely with you to identify the problems with your existing system and what must change to help you achieve your goals. Then, we’ll recommend several design options with price points intended to fit your budget.

Once you approve a design, we’ll expertly install the AV system in your facility, followed by systemwide testing to ensure every component works to your satisfaction. We’ll instruct you in using your new audiovisual equipment, and we’ll remain on call to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Seamless Communication Systems

Your day-to-day business operations rely on streamlined commercial audiovisual performance. Let Corporate Technology Solutions help you optimize your communication efforts. We design solutions for the following spaces:

  • Conference room AV: A successful conference room facilitates remote communication between you and your clients, colleagues, and employees. Whether you’re looking for better sound on conference calls or a new video display, we’ll design an effective AV setup to meet your needs.
  • Training room AV: With hybrid work environments becoming increasingly common, training rooms with AV capabilities are now a staple in any modern office.
  • Ballroom and meeting space AV: The right audiovisual setup makes it possible to combine and uncombine multiple spaces to maximize flexibility.
  • Live audio spaces: Stadiums, theaters, and multipurpose rooms need the proper equipment to transmit live audio to guests in attendance and those tuning in remotely.
  • Emergency operation centers: AV has always been a critical component of emergency operations centers. Today’s video walls, 4K displays, software-based video conferencing, and device compatibility are the key to modernizing these centers.

Here are the types of AV systems that Corporate Technology Solutions provides to help you accomplish your communication goals:

  • Multi-zone paging: Improve communication and productivity with a paging system built for building-wide or individual-room use.
  • Background audio systems: Ambient music is important for creating the experience you want for your customers and staff.
  • Sound masking systems: Similar to white noise, sound masking helps with noise control. The system generates audio at frequencies that match human speech to sound comfortable, even pleasant, to the ear.
  • Digital signage: From interactive kiosks to mass notification displays, digital signage is a powerful tool used to inform, educate, and entertain.
  • Video display walls: Create a rich, immersive environment that will captivate your audience and drive sales.

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Schedule Commercial AV Services in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ

With the high-end yet affordable AV products available through our brand partnerships, there’s no need to compromise performance to cut costs. Plus, the design process begins with a free consultation, so you can learn more about our AV services with no pressure or obligation.

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