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Featured Vendor: Zhone Technologies & GPON Solutions for Billings Public Schools

Featured Vendor: Zhone Technologies & GPON Solutions for Billings Public Schools

Looking to upgrade your structured cabling and network connectivity in your building? Read more to find out how one school system saved millions of dollars while increasing reliability and efficiency of their network solutions by choosing to install GPON from one of our premier vendors, Zhone Technologies.

The Need for Integrated GPON Solutions

Billings Public Schools (in Montana) serves 16,000 students across 22 elementary school campuses and manages one of the largest computer networks in the state. With extensive staff and increasing needs for reliable technology and network access in the classrooms, Billings Public Schools required a reliable, cost-effective plan to implement technology upgrades, including the migration from copper wiring to gigabit passive optical network (GPON) fiber.

The Solution with Zhone Technologies

Billings Public Schools replaced all of their failing copper wiring with Zhone Technologies’ FiberLAN cabling to ensure long-term, reliable networking growth as the population of students and faculty grows. They also deployed Zhone’s zNI 2624P and 2608T indoor GPON ONTs in each classroom to support the various video, data, and other Internet needs.

Benefits of GPON for Billings Public Schools

Since improvements to the school system’s network infrastructure:

  • Approximately $3 million was saved on the update of the broadband network by using GPON (instead of traditional category 6 copper)
  • New hire needs were minimized and troubleshooting trips were reduced
  • IT departments have been able to upgrade systems across all of the elementary school campuses in a shorter amount of time
  • Each classroom has reliable, always-on access to the Internet, resulting in fewer disruptions for the teachings and more time spent educating students (with a 25-year warranty)

Read the full case study here:

zhone case study

About Zhone Technologies

Zhone is a global leader in fiber access transformation. They specialize in carrier and enterprise-grade fiber access solutions with a focus on bandwidth never becoming a constraint or problem in the future as technology and demand continue to advance.

To learn more about Zhone Technologies and how they could provide a solution for your business in the Southwest, similar to the success seen above for Billings Public Schools, contact Corporate Technology Solutions. We are an authorized dealer of GPON technologies from Zhone and would be happy to discuss how your needs can be met by our team. 

Advantages of Gigabit Passive Optical Network Fiber

Bandwidth demands in your office or building are likely ever increasing with improvements and upgrades of technology. Don’t let lagging networks slow down your voice or data use. There are many advantages to using GPON fiber for your network solutions—including range, cost, and ease of use—especially when compared to alternatives like copper architecture. In fact:

  • GPON fiber is less costly than copper-based LANs
  • GPON has minimal space requirements and you can reduce costs further by not needing to invest in wiring closets and associate electronics
  • Climate control costs also decrease, as GPON does not need to be as closely regulated when it comes to safe operating temperature
  • Fiber cables are less expensive and easier to install—saving your company money before installation even takes place
  • Businesses typically see fewer system disruptions post-installation of GPON fiber

GPON Installation in the Southwest from Corporate Technology Solutions

As a leader in the fiber optic industry, Corporate Technology Solutions provides expert design, engineering, consulting, and project management for your entire GPON and infrastructure needs. From the initial installation to continued maintenance of your cabling, we work closely with each of our customers to satisfy their unique specific needs and wants while providing our own expert insight to further improve your project.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to talk about the solutions we can provide, including GPON solutions like those outlined above with Zhone, for you and your company.

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