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How The Time Warner Cable Megamerger Will Change Wireless Services

Time Warner Cable is involved in a $55 billion cable megamerger with Charter, which will not just impact the cable industry — experts are suggesting this merger could create new competition in the field of wireless services.

Both cable and wireless companies offer corporate technology solutions, enabling their customers to access the internet. Through cable, wireless services have been set up that allow customers to use wi-fi networks for their internet needs. Wireless services have historically focused on the telephone side of things, but increasingly, cable customers are relying on wireless services when there are gaps in available wi-fi networks. Together, the two industries are changing the face of corporate technology solutions.

Time Warner Cable has access to Verizon’s wireless services, a partnernship that Charter would likely inherit if the merger goes through. According to Charter CEO Tom Rutledge, next steps would include stepping up their wi-fi networks in both residential and public areas, and enticing mobile-only customers seeking personal and corporate technology solutions.

Another major company, Comcast, is delving into similar goals, so if the Charter/Time Warner Cable merge goes through, there will be two cable giants working in the industry to change wireless services and how customers access them.

For customers seeking corporate technology solutions or simply trying to expand on their available wi-fi networks, this increased demand for changes in wireless services can be a great thing. With major companies backing improvements and enrichments to existing technology, and working to research and develop more ways to bring access to wireless services to everyone, it may become easier to find the wireless services that you need.

Keep an eye on the Charter/Time Warner Cable mega merger, whether you are interested in personal internet access or corporate technology solutions for your business. If this deal goes through, it is sure to have major ramifications for everyone who accesses the internet, especially those who rely on wi-fi networks.

As major cable companies get involved with wireless services, there is no telling just how much it will impact customers, competitors, and the technology world at large. With Time Warner Cable and Comcast leading the way, however, it is certain that at least some changes are coming that will make a noticeable difference in wireless services and wi-fi networks.

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