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Why Invest in a Commercial Security System?

Why Invest in a Commercial Security System?

Benefits of Commercial Security Systems for Your Business

Protecting your business with a security system was once merely a suggestion, but with the changing times, it has become more of a necessity these days. Your business is an investment, and it’s worth defending.

Don’t be among the entrepreneurs who forgo a commercial security system until it’s too late—instead, be proactive and install security cameras, intruder detection equipment, and access control systems today. Here’s why investing in commercial security is worthwhile.

Preserve Your Business Assets

For many business owners, the driving factor to install a security system is the chance to keep an eye on valuable assets at all times. From specialty machines to expensive merchandise, your assets are always at risk of damage or theft, whether by intruders or disgruntled employees. With surveillance cameras to catch the action and an alarm system to get the authorities there fast, your security system can help protect your bottom line and bring transgressors to justice.

Protect Your Employees

Preventing losses in your business is about more than just preserving your assets—it’s also about protecting your people. Some features of a commercial security system include panic switches, paging and intercom equipment, mass notification systems, and fire alarms, all of which are designed to make the work environment safe and secure.

Discourage Crime

The mere presence of surveillance cameras is often enough to dissuade would-be criminals from breaking into your business or taking merchandise off the shelf without paying for it. Cameras also help keep employees in line since they know they’re being watched at all times.

Prevent Unwanted Visitors

Advanced electronic locks and programmable key fobs are far more secure than traditional keys, which can be lost or copied without your consent. Access control and intercom systems allow you to monitor and control who enters the building and any restricted areas within your business. You’ll never have to worry about people trespassing without your knowledge ever again.

Promote Fewer Fraudulent Claims

As a business owner, you are at risk of falsified liability claims. For instance, an employee could wrongfully claim a workplace injury, or a customer could feign being injured in your store. With security cameras there to capture it all, you can verify or disprove these claims, as well as determine any safety issues that must be resolved to avoid future incidents.

Qualify for Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance providers recognize the value of a commercial security system, as it protects against everything from intrusion to theft to worker’s compensation. Your decreased risk after installing a security system could qualify you for lower rates, saving you money on your insurance premiums every month.

Peace of Mind Day and Night

Modern security systems are automated, so you have less to worry about after you close up for the night. When you utilize remote monitoring, you can check live footage of your business from anywhere, anytime. You can also set up notifications from motion sensors, window and door contacts, panic switches, and other components of your system to receive immediate alerts when something goes awry.

Install a Commercial Security System in the Southwest

As a low voltage contractor, Corporate Technology Solutions can design and install a security system in your commercial building based on your exact needs and the layout of your property. Effective burglar systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take an expert approach to understand your point of view when designing the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact Corporate Technology Solutions today to learn more about working with a passionate, experienced security system installer. You can also request an estimate for our services in Arizona.


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