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Fiber to the Apartment is Already Here

Having fiber optic cabling piped directly to an apartment might seem like an innovation that’s years ahead, but it’s already happening. Some companies undertaking new-builds

Blending WIFI & Cellular

Many people rely on both WiFi technology and cellular networks – CTS Cabling sees this combination in play on a regular basis, and knows that

Analyst: LTE-U angst roiling Wi-Fi markets

The WiFi industry is taking a closer look at LTE-U, as this type of technology could serve as an alternative to carrier WiFi technology or

What does 802.11ac bring to WIFI?

802.11ac is the latest WiFi standard, overtaking numerous other standards that were previously introduced. It has many advantages for consumers and enterprises. CTS Cabling is

Best Fiber Network Cards

A fiber network card, otherwise known as a fiber optic network interface card, lets your computer connect to a fiber optic network whether it’s an

What is MU-MIMO

Have you heard of MU-MIMO? This new WiFi technology is sure to make a big impact on the tech world. MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output) adds

Different Types of Cables & When to Use Them

Copper cabling, fiber network cable— do you know what these things are, or is it all gibberish to you? Even those who are involved with

Choosing a Cable: Is Cat 3 Right for You?

Home wiring can be complicated if you are unsure of what cable is the best for your applications. If you are wondering if you should

Copper Cabling or Fiber Cabling: How to Choose

When you need structural cable, one of the first things you have to decide on is what types of cable you will employ. Whether it

How The Time Warner Cable Megamerger Will Change Wireless Services

Time Warner Cable is involved in a $55 billion cable megamerger with Charter, which will not just impact the cable industry — experts are suggesting

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As a Project Manager of a mid-sized General Contracting firm; I am responsible to procure project opportunities, detail out disciplines...

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We have used CTS for most of our cabling in a commercial office environment in southern Arizona. They have been able to help us meet ou...

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The City of El Mirage has worked with CTS for over 10 years on various projects at many different municipal facilities. CTS has provid...

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CTS provides the highest level of quality service by both assessing the customer need and request as well as offering the latest market...

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