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Reliable Intrusion Detection Systems in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Costing billions of dollars in losses annually, cyber threats mean loss of income and can affect your bottom line. The answer is an advanced intrusion detection system (IDS). Whether you need help monitoring your online threats from hackers or you have concerns about data manipulation, we can help. 

Founded in 1998, Corporate Technology Solutions provides advanced telecommunication, online, and video surveillance equipment. Our IDS limits network access, monitors networks for suspicious activity, and improves overall online security.

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What Intrusion Detection Can Capture or Prevent

Whether you are looking to increase the security of your retail store or are moving into a new office space, installing an integrated intrusion detection system is critical — and the first step is a consultation with a professional low-voltage solutions provider.

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Perhaps your business is in an industry like healthcare or education, or you have a government contract. You might work in the financial, industrial, retail, or medical sector. Regardless of your industry, cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate.

Cybercrimes cost businesses hundreds of billions of dollars annually and are crippling small businesses and large corporations. With more employees working remotely, you need secure hybrid solutions and 24/7 monitoring. Never worry about intruders infiltrating your network without your knowledge.

Using anomaly- or signature-based detection features, IDS can detect intrusions and uncommon patterns in real-time for advanced protection not included in typical security systems.

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3 Benefits of Intrusion Detection Systems

An IDS can restrict network access, improve security, and monitor networks for malicious activity like hacking attempts and data manipulation. It prevents data manipulation and reduces threat risks. Moreover, IDS prevents hackers from stealing data and accessing private accounts.

When IDS detects an intrusion, it will alert the system administrator or user and log the activity, block the user, and shut the system down.

Identify Harmful Patterns

Like an IDS, intrusion prevention systems monitor suspicious traffic. However, IDS will block the attack and alert the administrator in real-time instead of just issuing an alert after a data breach. While antivirus software provides reactive solutions, IDS can analyze, track, and respond to threats in real-time.

Improve regulatory compliance with an IDS if you have PCI DSS, as IDS provides added security to block unauthorized access.

Prevent Attacks

Do you want to design your own custom monitoring and intrusion detection system for your business and identify potential weaknesses in your network?

IDS solutions can detect unusual or suspicious activity on a network and find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It helps administrators identify weak points in the network that need patches to prevent future attacks.

Protect Data & User Privacy

If you use cloud storage and have confidential or sensitive data, IDS can enhance cybersecurity defense strategies and find network weaknesses. It can also reduce data loss, increase network visibility, improve compliance, and provide multi-layered security.

Uninterrupted monitoring of your business can reduce data losses online, and video surveillance can alert you to unauthorized access or malicious activity.

When designing a monitored intrusion detection or intrusion prevention system for your business security system, setting up the equipment with a certified monitoring company is crucial.

We can offer intrusion detection monitoring no matter where you are. For example, Honeywell offers AlarmNet 360™, which allows you to oversee your entire building and use all the intrusion detection system components from your smartphone.

Since we know every business should have a custom solution for their needs, our intrusion detection experts will work with you to determine the best design and features to protect you, your customers, your employees, and your assets before installation begins.

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Deter intruders with advanced intrusion detection systems to avoid security breaches that could devastate your business financially.

Every business needs a reliable monitoring service to oversee your property in real time, and with IDS software for businesses viewable on your smartphone, conveniently monitor your business even when you are traveling or away.

Corporate Technology Solutions provides advanced detection equipment and the latest technologies to protect you, your customers, staff, and assets.

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