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Armed Guard Services

Armed Guard Services

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Building security is paramount to the safety of your employees, customers, and inventory. What steps have you taken to make your business secure? Corporate Technology Solutions can help you achieve comprehensive business security with our professional armed guard services. We deliver peace of mind that you’re taking all the steps necessary to protect your business from unauthorized entry.

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Our Armed Guard Services

Security agents work in numerous settings to help maintain order, deter thieves and vandals, and manage incidents as they arise. Whether you own and operate a school, bank, hotel, government building, amusement park, shopping center, construction site, or another type of business, you could benefit from having guards on staff.

The security agents we provide our customers are consummate professionals with years of experience. To be on our team, they have to pass a rigorous background check and receive training that corresponds to the duties required of them. This includes firearms training and certification, fire safety and prevention, defensive tactics, proper use of force, evacuation procedures, criminal justice basics, laws of arrest, searching techniques, and more.

While unarmed security agents can deter crime, the better option may be to have trained, armed guards in the building. This way, if a threat or security breach ensues, the agent can take the necessary action to subdue the perpetrator. Adding our agents to your staff could be just the security improvement you’ve been looking for to boost protection for your facility, guests, and other employees.

Benefits of Having Armed Security Guards

You could always plan to call the police if an incident arises in your building, but the response time is usually 10 to 20 minutes at best. With armed security guards patrolling the premises, you can go about your regular duties with peace of mind. Here are the specific benefits of hiring security agents for your business:

  • Deter crime by scaring potential wrongdoers with the possibility of getting caught.
  • Provide a sense of security for your customers and other staff members.
  • Offer customer service by answering basic questions or escorting customers upon request.
  • Help manage crowds during large events.
  • Maintain order by ensuring everyone follows the rules.
  • Monitor the surveillance cameras, open security gates, manage control room operations, and respond to alarms.
  • Keep the workplace safe during strikes and labor disputes.
  • Ensure a quick response time when an incident occurs.

Armed Guards are Part of a Comprehensive Business Security System

Corporate Technology Solutions specializes in numerous commercial security services to make your building as safe as possible. In addition to adding armed guards to your staff, consider improving security in other ways as well. Here’s what we offer:

Improve Security at Your Business Today

As a commercial security service provider in the Southwest, Corporate Technology Solutions is here to help you protect your building. Whether you need armed guards to complement your existing security system, or you want to take advantage of our other security offerings, we can meet your needs!

Contact us today to learn more about hiring experienced, passionate security agents to help maximize your building’s security measures.