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Commercial Sound Systems

Commercial Sound Systems

Installation & Design in Arizona & Utah

Does the current sound system in your commercial building allow for fast, efficient communication between employees and customers? If your system could use an upgrade, turn to Corporate Technology Solutions. We can fully customize a new commercial sound system for seamless integration into your existing building or new construction project.

To get started, please contact Corporate Technology Solutions today. We serve businesses throughout the Southwest, including Arizona and Utah.

Capabilities of Commercial Sound Systems

The day-to-day operations of your business rely on streamlined communication. One way to accomplish this is with a commercial sound system. Corporate Technology Solutions can design a system that offers many useful capabilities, including:

  • Multiple paging zones, including building-wide or individual rooms
  • Simultaneous schedules and bells
  • Two-way, hands-free communication between offices
  • Music playback for lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Preprogrammed messages and emergency alerts across the entire building or in specific areas
  • Automatic evacuation announcements when the fire alarm, sprinkler system, or fire suppression system activates

With help from Corporate Technology Solutions, you can customize these and other capabilities to meet the needs of your educational building, healthcare facility, government office, restaurant, transportation center, arena, retail store, or other commercial or industrial building.

Benefits of ThreeSixty Commercial Sound Systems

At Corporate Technology Solutions, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of ThreeSixty Engineered Building Solutions, formerly known as Teradon Industries. ThreeSixty’s Alectro system utilizes Raptor V wired intercom technology, the most advanced communication system in its class. The feature-rich, easy-to-use, cost-effective commercial sound systems from ThreeSixty offer these benefits:

  • Single server laptop capabilities for ease of installation and management
  • Microsoft® Windows compatibility to lower the total cost of ownership
  • Intuitive software that’s easy to learn
  • Versatile, user-defined scheduling options
  • Industry-standard 25-volt technology for easy retrofits and upgrades in the future
  • LAN, WAN, and VLAN compatibility
  • VoIP and analog phone compatibility

Commercial Sound System Design & Installation Services

Are you interested in enjoying the benefits and capabilities of a ThreeSixty commercial sound system? Corporate Technology Solutions can design and install the components you need in your Southwest business.

The design process begins with a consultation and assessment of your new or existing building. We explore what wired and wireless infrastructure you already have in place and determine what modifications and additions may be necessary to make your commercial sound system viable. We’ll help you pinpoint what capabilities are important to you, being sure to leave room for expansions and upgrades in the future as you deem necessary.

Next, we offer a design proposal and project estimate. With your approval, we finalize the design and begin the installation process. Thanks to our careful pre-planning, the work is usually straightforward and quick, ensuring minimal interruptions to your daily operations.

Once in place, we thoroughly test all functions of the sound system to work out any kinks and leave you with a flawless end product you can begin using right away. Upon request, we’ll also train your staff to use the new sound system software so you can maximize your investment.

Schedule Commercial Sound System Services in the Southwest

Our goal at Corporate Technology Solutions is to design and install a commercial sound system that will perfectly suit your specific needs. With our high-end, affordable products from ThreeSixty, there’s no reason to compromise performance for low costs. Best of all, the process begins with a free consultation, so you can learn more about what we offer with no commitment or obligation.

Contact us today to begin the process of improving the commercial sound system in your building! We have offices in Tempe, Tucson, and Salt Lake City.