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DAS Installation & Service in Tempe

DAS Installation & Service in Tempe

Distributed Antenna Systems for Businesses in Arizona

We are a full-service, turnkey DAS integrator in Tempe providing everything your company needs for a distributed antenna system. In addition to DAS installation, service, and maintenance, we can provide everything your company needs for a smoothly running system—from engineering, benchmarking, IBwave design, commissioning, data collection, and CW testing.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to talk about the solutions we can provide, including DAS installation and design, in Tempe—or keep reading to learn more!

How Can DAS Help Your Tempe Business?

Contrasted with a single pole antenna construction, a distributed antenna system is a way to efficiently distribute wireless connections inside a large building where steel columns and layers of concrete can interfere with wireless signals.

Our Tempe DAS installation team uses the concept of macrodiversity and can be used to get rid of “dead zones” by routing radio frequency (RF) signals through copper or fiber optic cabling from a single base station to multiple antennas located throughout the building.

Simply put, a distributed antenna system allows emergency responders’ communication radios, cell phones, and other wireless devices to operate inside a building where they normally would not work. Jurisdictions around the United States are widely adopting codes and employing macrodiversity by requiring DAS installation in new and renovated buildings.

Not only does a properly installed distributed antenna system (DAS) help in emergency situations, it can help your employees be more productive and efficient in their work—minimizing lost time and potential loss of revenue from dropped calls or poor wireless signal.

Improve Wireless Coverage with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in Arizona

It has been estimated that 80% of cellular phone calls begin or end inside a building. Distributed antenna system technology lets building owners add value for their tenants and their employees by enabling the use of mobile devices throughout the building. A DAS can support multiple carriers and even improve the battery life of phones, unlike a single pole antenna construction. Additionally, the infrastructure design of a DAS system should be a managed wireless strategy to include the integration of 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology.  Significant savings in future infrastructure costs can be achieved with the right design. Our wide range of DAS solutions in Arizona includes design, engineering, testing, IBWave design, and more.

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