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Passive Optical Network/GPON Design & Installation in Tucson

Passive Optical Network/GPON Design & Installation in Tucson

Providing Arizona with Professional GPON Services

If you’re looking for a reliable, well-designed GPON fiber system, our team can provide high-quality, installation of a GPON system in your office or building. Our office is located in Tucson, but we are a licensed and bonded low voltage cabling company serving the entire state of Arizona.

Ready to get started? Give us a call or contact us online today to talk about the solutions we can provide, including GPON or PON design and installation, for you and your Tucson area company—or keep reading to learn more!

About Gigabit Passive Optical Network

Passive Optical Network (PON) technology has been available since the mid-1990s. It is sometimes called “Fiber to the Desktop”. GPON, PON, POL are all acronyms for the same system.

A Gigabit Passive Optical Network, or GPON, has three basic components:

  1. Optical Line Terminal (OLT) that converts the sources into light
  2. Passive slitters of single mode fiber that carry the signal
  3. Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that converts the light back to a standard Ethernet connection

Improving Efficiency with GPON

The performance benefits of GPON fiber are substantial. Fiber offers high-performance bandwidth over much greater distances than copper-based infrastructures. When you properly install a GPON in your Tucson property, you’re really setting yourself up with a highly reliable infrastructure that’s far more future-proof than any conventional copper-based network.

Talk to our team today about GPON for your company in Tucson when you contact us online

Benefits of Gigabit Passive Optical Network Fiber for Tucson Businesses

Bandwidth demands in your office or building are likely ever increasing with improvements and upgrades of technology. Don’t let lagging networks slow down your voice or data use. There are many advantages to using gigabit passive optical network fiber for your network solutions—including range, cost, and ease of use—especially when compared to alternatives like copper architecture. In fact:

  • Single-mode fiber reach for our PON is in the 10-20 kilometer range, while conventional copper architecture is limited to a 100-meter channel typically
  • GPON fiber is less costly than copper-based LANs and you can reduce costs further by not needing to invest in wiring closets and associated electronics
  • Climate control costs also decrease, as GPON does not need to be as closely regulated when it comes to safe operating Tucsonrature
  • Fiber cables are less expensive and easier to install—saving your company money before installation even takes place
  • And more (read more benefits here)

GPON Installation in Tucson & Arizona

As a leader in the fiber optic industry, Corporate Technology Solutions provides expert design, engineering, consulting, and project management for your entire PON, GPON, and infrastructure needs in Tucson, AZ. From the initial installation to continued maintenance of your cabling, we work closely with each of our customers to satisfy their unique specific needs and wants while providing our own expert insight to further improve your project.

To request GPON services in Tucson or Arizona, contact us today.

Our Tucson Office Location

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Tucson, AZ 85711

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