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Security System Services in Tucson & Tempe, AZ

Security System Services in Tucson & Tempe, AZ

For corporate security solutions in Arizona, call (877) 685-2626!

Since 1998, the team at Corporate Technology Solutions has delivered the most reliable security services to clients throughout Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson. Whether we install intrusion detection systems, CCTV systems, alarms, or other security features, you can depend on their ability to protect your facilities, your people, and your secrets from prying eyes and the sticky fingers of thieves.

We utilize the most up-to-date equipment and installation techniques for our clients in Arizona. We ensure that our clients have solid security that protects against everything from workplace violence to after-hours intrusions.

Contact Corporate Technology Solutions at (877) 685-2626 for more information about the services we offer in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson.

Benefits of Security Systems from CTS

There are numerous benefits that businesses enjoy when they install a reliable security system. These include but are not limited to:

  • Deters employee theft and workplace violence
  • Allows for remote monitoring
  • Protects facilities and personnel from fire dangers
  • Protects equipment and corporate secrets from theft
  • Reduces fraudulent workers’ compensation and personal injury claims
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Provides peace of mind 24/7/365

For more information about the benefits of security systems installed and maintained by CTS, contact us at (877) 685-2626.

Our Services

We install, maintain, repair, and replace a wide range of security system components. This includes everything from the cabling to the cameras required to keep your business safe and secure.

  • CCTV Systems – An ever-watchful camera is one that never blinks. Whether you are on-site or miles away, your CCTV system sees and can hear everything that goes on in your facility.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems – Intrusion detection systems make sure that unauthorized individuals don’t gain access to places they shouldn’t be. These systems provide instant alerts that someone is attempting to gain access so that you can respond appropriately before they have the chance.
  • Commercial Burglar Alarms – Thieves love to break in when you’re not around. Commercial burglar alarms deny them the opportunity. Alarms coupled with an intrusion detection system are a strong deterrent that often prevents break-ins before they start.
  • Video Surveillance Installation – Break-ins, fires, and violent events can destroy your business. Video surveillance systems deter criminal activity and allow you to direct first responders when emergencies arise. They also provide solid evidence that can be used to apprehend suspects, pursue legal claims, or confirm damage for insurance purposes.
  • Audio/Video Systems – Audio/video systems connect everyone in your business to the security apparatus. They make it possible to page individuals, issue alerts, and monitor situations as they develop.

For more information about the security systems and support services we offer, contact us at (877) 685-2626. The CTS team is ready to answer your questions and help you determine which systems are best suited for your needs.

Schedule Today!

The team at Corporate Technology Solutions is ready to assist you. When you want to enjoy a reliable security system’s benefits and advantages, you want to hire the best in Arizona. Our team maintains up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies and threats. This allows us to provide superior protection that our clients can depend on.

We’re always happy to provide a free, no-commitment consultation to prospective clients in Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix, or surrounding Arizona communities. We encourage you to contact us online or call (877) 685-2626 to start the process of protecting your business. It’s our pleasure to tell you everything you want to know about video surveillance, CCTV systems, alarms, and the other security features we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Systems

What is the best security system for my business?

The best security system for your business is one that incorporates intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, access control systems, alarms, and other features. This provides a thick blanket of security that is difficult for intruders and thieves to penetrate.

What are the most common weak points in a business’ security?

In addition to poor encryption and weak control of access points, inadequate training and failure to adhere to security protocols are common causes of workplace intrusions and theft. Other factors that weaken a business’ physical security include poor lighting, lack of maintenance, and failure to integrate cameras, alarms, locks, and other defensive mechanisms into the security plan.

What is the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?

Security cameras, commonly known as CCTV cameras, transmit a signal from the camera to a monitoring station usually located a considerable distance from the site. Surveillance cameras operate on IP networks and typically transmit the images to a defined on-site security center.

Can intruders “jam” a wireless security system?

This is a common question, typically fueled by Hollywood movies. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No. That’s because the skills and equipment required to jam a security system are not the stock and trade of most burglars. Unless you are protecting jewelry and other valuables, corporate secrets, or national treasures, jamming isn’t a threat we feel most businesses need to fret over.

Do you still have questions about security systems? Contact the security experts at CTS by calling 877-685-2626, and we will give you the answers you need to keep your business locked down tight.