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Blending WIFI & Cellular

Blending WIFI & Cellular

Many people rely on both WiFi technology and cellular networks – CTS Cabling sees this combination in play on a regular basis, and knows that it can pose some challenges, as well as some great benefits.

Blending WiFi and cellular technology is an important approach as, if done correctly, it will allow operators to create a unified network that enables their clients to be as connected as they please, in any place, at any time. Standalone cellular and WiFi technology when combined can bring out the best of each technology.

Currently, operators generally switch their users from cellular to WiFi technology based on the best way to balance their network, or users will manually switch as they move between situations requiring differing technologies. Technology, however, is improving to the point that CTS Cabling clients may be able to offer their own customers a unified experience through blending both networks seamlessly.

Approaches like the Wireless Unified Networks concept, from Alcatel-Lucanet, bring WiFi and LTE together, increasing download and upload speed and greatly extending available WiFi range. WiFi technology works best for downloading larger amounts of data, while cellular LTE is better for achieving high upload speeds. Combining the two enables customers to access the best of both worlds – WiFi boost bolsters the existing network by adding in cellular technology, providing a more consistent experience without requiring many changes.

When compared to using a co-existing network like LTE-U instead, blending cellular and WiFi technology often comes out ahead.  Blending offers greater coverage, better handover support, and works on the existing infrastructure, with support for existing devices. This type of blending is best if operators want to make a quick change with a large impact, without asking their clients to have to make a lot of infrastructure or equipment changes.

As technology improves, blending WiFi and cellular technology is sure to become easier, more widespread, and more accepted by operators and clients. No matter what approach you take in the meantime, it is important to ensure that you are providing your customers with the best networking possible, and in order to do that, you need to use the right corporate technology solutions for your particular business and industry. Talk to CTS Cabling to get the best information on WiFi technology, cellular, and the blending of the two, as well as all of your networking needs.

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