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Audio-visual systems can be found just about anywhere, providing augmented experiences in everything from emergencies to everyday business meetings. However, AV systems are only as good as their components and installation — which is why Corporate Technology Solutions focuses on high-quality systems and a safety-first approach to every job.

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AV for Emergency Operations

When it comes to emergency operations, time is always of the essence. Operators making split-second decisions do not have time to wrestle with a clunky, outdated AV system when they must evaluate as much information as possible with little time to spare.

Modern emergency operations AV systems promote a comprehensive understanding of emergencies by providing as much information as possible through televisions, video walls, wired and wireless connections, and video conferencing.  

AV for Training Rooms

In the evolution of education, audio-visual systems represent a significant leap forward in terms of engagement and retention. Dry-erase boards and lectures simply do not grab the learner’s attention, but presentations that immerse attendees in the material do. 

AV systems for training rooms may include projection systems and interactive displays as well as audio systems that ensure trainers are heard loud and clear throughout the entire training space. Our systems are all designed for seamless ease of use. 

AV for Ballroom & Meeting Spaces

Any large event like a wedding or conference needs an audio-visual system to shine. When groups of people are milling about a large space, it takes careful engineering to ensure that audio is clear to all and adequately integrated with visual elements of the event. 

Our AV systems for ballroom and meeting spaces can be configured to provide the lighting, speakers, screens, and connectivity you need for your meeting space to build an AV infrastructure that can grow as new technologies become available.

AV for Theaters & Stadiums

From the smallest venues to the largest events centers, we help clients design and implement the right AV systems to fit their requirements and budgets.

AV for Conference Rooms

Because video conferencing has been around for so long, many businesses find themselves dealing with legacy systems that simply don’t meet the needs of modern meetings. To keep clients and employees engaged, you need a system that offers reliable connectivity, clear audio and video, and simple operation.

Corporate Technology Solutions offers custom AV systems for conference rooms with features such as wide-angle view cameras, interactive whiteboards, and document editing to bring your conference rooms into the modern age. See this article for more tips on how to optimize AV in your office space.

Why Choose Corporate Technology Solutions?

We have been serving Arizona business owners in Phoenix, Tucson, and beyond for more than 20 years, and our roster of happy customers speaks to our dedication. We offer a range of AV systems and components that can be customized according to your needs and budget, and our quality of work never wavers. 

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