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Background Audio Systems for AV Setups in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Setting the right ambiance in your building is critical for creating a positive customer experience. One way to accomplish this is with a background audio system. The implementation of such a system shapes your customers’ opinions of the venue and even your brand.

Corporate Technology Solutions can help you select, install, and calibrate a suitable background audio system for the application at hand. Our audiovisual design and installation teams have decades of experience delivering world-class background music systems for businesses across the Phoenix and Tucson areas. We’ll be sure to factor in how your staff plans to interact with the setup to ensure ease of operation.

To begin designing your background audio system, please call us at 877-685-2626 or contact us online today.

Elements of an Effective Background Audio System

When designing your background music system, we look at numerous factors that can affect audio quality. Thanks to our careful attention to detail, you can expect exceptional sound once the setup is complete. Here are the elements we consider:

  • Acoustics and room dimensions: An empty room with hard surfaces will experience reverb and sound delays. Adding acoustic panels may be necessary to increase sound absorption and improve the audio experience. The size and shape of a room also dramatically affect the way sound travels.
  • Speaker type: Audio speakers come in many forms, including high-fidelity speakers, sound projectors, column speakers, ceiling speakers, pendant speakers, and cabinet speakers. We’ll help you make your selection based on what you have in mind for your background audio system.
  • Speaker placement: The general rule is to place speakers on the shortest walls and aim them outward to allow the sound to spread as far as possible before reflecting off the opposite wall. We’ll tailor the exact placement to the room’s dimensions and your audio needs.

Why Include a Background Audio System in Your AV Setup?

Any audiovisual upgrade is an investment, but it pays off in significant ways. Here’s why you may want to add a background audio system to your building:

  • Discreet and stylish: With the proper design and implementation, your employees and customers can enjoy background music from flush-mounted, low-profile, or hanging pendant speakers that blend in with the environment.
  • Easy to operate: Our background audio installations are designed to be simple for nontechnical staff to use. Even so, we offer comprehensive training and provide ongoing tech support.
  • Multifunctional: With the proper setup, background audio speakers can double as paging and intercom systems.

Please contact Corporate Technology Solutions to discuss the background audio system you envision for your Phoenix or Tucson business if these benefits appeal to you.

What Industries Use Background Audio Systems?

Numerous industries can benefit from background audio systems. A few of these include:

  • Retail: Create an energized feeling with upbeat music in your department store, clothing shop, or other retail outlets.
  • Dining: Promote a comfortable, upscale environment with relaxing music playing in your restaurant, bar, cafe, or eatery.
  • Conference centers and showrooms: Elevate your product to a whole new level with enticing background music playing.
  • Gyms: Make every workout exciting with fast-tempo music playing from your gym’s sound system.

Background Audio System Design & Installation in Phoenix & Tucson

At Corporate Technology Solutions, we partner with numerous manufacturers, so you have access to the best solutions for your specific needs. We can mix and match brands where appropriate, install a preconfigured setup from your preferred manufacturer or recommend products to help you reach your goals. With over 20 years of audiovisual expertise, you can trust that we’ll deliver the very best results.

Contact us today at 877-685-2626 to learn more about installing a background audio system in your Phoenix or Tucson business.

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