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Wireless Network Installation for Businesses in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Does your wireless network cut out throughout the business day? Do your employees complain about your Wi-Fi being slow? Are you up to date on the new Gigabit 802.11ac technology?

If you have an immediate need or future need for Wi-Fi for your Tempe or Tucson business, consider Corporate Technology Solutions.

Wireless Site Surveys for Accurate & Effective Improvements to Your Wireless Network

To better plan your WLAN, and provide more accurate planning or proof of concept post installation, Corporate Technology Solutions also offers:

  • Wireless RF Site Surveys
  • Predictive Modeling (site visit not necessarily required)
  • Active or Passive RF Site Surveys

We also offer design and planning for multiple network types, including:

  • Mesh
  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint

For dependable WLAN installation, call Corporate Technology Solutions today.

802.11ac Advanced, HetNet & Designing Solutions for Enterprise Wi-Fi

As the commercial population becomes more mobile, two trends have emerged for Enterprise Wi-Fi installation solutions to address:

  1. Mobile applications now demand more bandwidth: Video and voice applications have increased the demand for pervasive bandwidth everywhere.
  2. Individuals carry multiple wireless devices: With an average corporate mobile device/user ratio approaching 2.7 (laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone), client congestion has become a problem for any Wi-Fi network.

802.11ac is a wireless network standard and common term in the wireless communication industry. The challenge for 802.11ac is to meet today’s functional demands and the explosive wireless system market growth that is expected to triple over the next three to five years.

In addition, Enterprise Wi-Fi networks are adapting to the growing demands of users with HetNet (heterogeneous network). The concept of a HetNet is a network with many different aspects and technologies, from Wi-Fi technology to femtocells, all working together. This means Wi-Fi network technicians are helping you get quicker data rates and making services work better. The term HetNet is also used in wireless networks using different access technologies.

For example, a Wi-Fi network that provides a service through a wireless LAN and is able to maintain the service when switching to a cellular network is called wireless HetNet.

HetNet is improving due to the emergence of new technologies that blend Wi-Fi and cellular. For example, Enterprise Wi-Fi networks will soon be able to accommodate a much larger amount of users at high speeds using MU-MIMO. When these technologies become mainstream, you can rely on Corporate Technology Solutions being ready with the most innovative networking solutions.

Call Corporate Technology Solutions for expert security solutions in Phoenix, Tucson, or Tempe, AZ.


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