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Vertical Expansion for the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, AZ

A Case Study on Structured Cabling, Security, and Communication Systems Amid Construction From Corporate Technology Solutions

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The Problem

To offer more services and provide high-quality healthcare to more residents throughout Arizona, the Mayo Clinic planned to add two new floors to their hospital in Phoenix. They needed to ensure that both new floors would connect seamlessly with the existing technology throughout the hospital.

The Mayo Clinic also took this opportunity to improve its telecommunication infrastructure for faster and more reliable technology for the healthcare staff by upgrading all cabling in the building to the (at the time) cutting-edge Ethernet Category 6 cables.

Lastly, the Mayo Clinic knew that in its rapidly growing metropolitan area, it would need to improve all its security and communication systems in the best interest of patients’ safety and privacy.

The Solution

The Mayo Clinic needed to work with reliable, trustworthy vendors. That’s why it contracted directly with Corporate Technology Solutions as the region’s expert in designing and installing cabling, telecommunications, and security technologies.

First, Corporate Technology Solutions’ estimator, Scott Tubbs, and his team carefully assessed the current cabling for the building along with the expansion plans in close coordination with Kitchell Construction. Based on the architecture and future floor plans, Scott’s team determined that two new IDFs (intermediate distribution frames) would be needed to support the communication needs on the new sixth and seventh floors.

Scott gathered all the requirements for the Mayo Clinic’s desired security and communication systems, including an access control solution that would allow staff members to unlock rooms and resources based on their roles; a CCTV solution to monitor valuable equipment and information, and a CATV solution to allow wireless contact between neighboring buildings within the larger Mayo Clinic campus.

Next, Project Manager Chad Blotkamp from Corporate Technology Solutions worked side by side with Kitchell Construction to coordinate an accurate and timely installation of all-new cabling and technology solutions. Since there was only a short window of construction when the fiber-optic and copper backbone cabling installation would be ideal, Chad carefully planned delivery of all materials and schedules for technicians to ensure the work would be completed within that time frame, allowing the construction to be completed on schedule.

Lastly, Brian Sands, the site foreman from Corporate Technology Solutions, worked with Chad and Kitchell Construction to install all contracted solutions. Brian’s team started by building the new IDFs on the sixth and seventh floors to install the copper and fiber-optic backbone cabling. From there, the team laid more than 400 ethernet Cat6 cables to support communications for all workstations and exam rooms. Brian’s team completed this work within the short window that Kitchell Construction needed for the overall building expansion project.

After the cabling was finished, Brian and Chad worked together to implement the CCTV solution by installing security cameras and connecting them to their respective security offices. They then implemented wireless connectivity between buildings via CATV. Lastly, the team configured, installed, and trained Mayo Clinic staff on the new access control system, including distributing secured RFID key fob cards and registering levels of access through doors and cabinets based on job position.

The Result

Thanks to Corporate Technology Solutions, the Mayo Clinic’s 2008 vertical expansion of the sixth and seventh floors was successful. The project was completed on time and within budget. Thanks to the custom-engineered solutions from Corporate Technology Solutions, the Mayo Clinic built up its facility and its communication and security technologies.

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