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DAS Funding Models Part 2 of 2

DAS Funding Models Part 2 of 2

Individuals have come to expect consistent wireless voice and data coverage everywhere they go, including at home. For this reason, many building owners have an immediate interest in updating the technology of their buildings to meet the requirements of tenants in today’s marketplace. An increasing number of owners are contacting cable contractors in Phoenix and other cities throughout the nation to discuss the installation of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), which are highly effective in delivering dependable, on-site wireless coverage.

While most building owners understand that DAS is an important feature to offer in their buildings, many are concerned with funding for such systems. In our last Corporate Technology Solutions blog, we discussed two of the funding models, building owner funding and carrier funding. Today, we will cover the last two DAS funding models to complete the list of options available for building owners:

  • Hybrid Funded. The hybrid model of funding takes components from both owner funding and carrier funding, meaning the cost of the distributed antenna system is spread out to all three parties: the building owner, the wireless service provider and the tenants. The breakdown of the cost typically involves the owner paying for DAS installation for the common areas, tenants paying for extension of an antennae system to their specific unit and the service provider paying for connection of the antennae system to its network. While this is a great model to employ, it is important to note that there is less control over access to the system as well as an inability to use multiple service providers.
  • Neutral Hosting. With this model, the building owner chooses to use a third party owned and operated host company that covers the cost of DAS installation and maintenance. The neutral third party then benefits by receiving exclusive rights to lease the distributed antenna system to the wireless service providers of its choosing. Cable contractors in Phoenix typically don’t recommend this model for office or residential buildings as it tends to work more effectively for large venues, such as sports arenas and airports.

The above completes the list of the four DAS funding models available for building owners.

If you are interested in consulting with a DAS expert on installation as well as funding for such a system, the special systems design and installation contractors at CTS Cabling are at your service. With four locations throughout the southwest, we have installed and designed a large number of voice, data, video and fiber optic cabling systems, and are confident in our abilities to meet your every cabling need. To learn more about DAS or another system for your building, call CTS Cabling at 877-685-2626 or contact us online.

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