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Mass Notification/Emergency Communication System

Mass Notification/Emergency Communication System

With natural disasters and threats of violence making headlines with increasing frequency, the areas of Mass Notification and Emergency Communication are receiving a surge of attention. Companies looking to minimize the impact of a large-scale emergency are beginning to recognize the need for effective alert procedures and communication systems. Fortunately, there are many products and services available to address these needs.

Mass Notification Systems (MNS) originated in the Department of Defense to provide real-time information to all occupants during emergency situations. Classic examples of MNS are alarms and sirens; modern examples are Reverse 911 and Digital Voice Command devices via wireless installation. On their own, MNS are effective at informing a population that something is wrong. However, a layered approach to notification that integrates an Emergency Communication System (ECS) is being recognized as a stronger, more unified solution that reaches the largest number of people.

When ECS and MNS are combined occupants receive information in several formats. Blending visual notification devices like strobes and LED signage with audible instructions such as live or prerecorded voice commands grabs attention and delivers a clear message. If necessary, assembly areas can provide further information about the emergency in the form of written information or instructional signs. To minimize delays in communication during an emergency, make sure your cabling contractor in Phoenix installs a seamless notification sequence. Also, any new wireless installations or additions to your system should be meticulously coordinated with your existing emergency plan.

Implementing Mass Notification and Emergency Communication Systems in your company is a serious task that should be trusted to only the most knowledgeable wireless installation professionals. CTS is an award-winning cabling contractor in Phoenix that can help you choose the right system. We have a variety of Digital Voice Command devices and many other emergency-specific services. We specialize in wireless installation, and can help your business install security systems featuring the most advanced, user-friendly technology. To find out more about our emergency assistance services, call 877-685-2626 or contact us online.

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