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Passive Optical Networks

Passive Optical Networks

Cabling contractors in Phoenix are seeing a huge push toward the installation of Passive Optical Networks (PON).  A PON is a point-to-multipoint network that provides all-fiber access to any Ethernet end point, including user devices, access points, and wireless controllers and application servers. An optical splitter is used to divide a single optical fiber into separate strands, which can provide over 7,000 IP voice, data and video network connections to one Ethernet device. These communication networks in Phoenix have enhanced capabilities that can be relied upon to handle high-bandwidth multimedia applications and also prepare the network for growth in the future.

The following is a list of benefits you can receive from installation of a passive optical communications network in Phoenix:

  • Economical. Optical fiber is significantly cheaper than Ethernet cable and it can also carry a signal up to 12 miles, which is far superior to other communication networks in Phoenix. Due to the long length of the signal, there is no need for repeaters, switches, cooling and other parts, which are expensive to install, operate and purchase.  Hiring a cabling contractor in Phoenix to install a PON is financially viable.
  • Simplifies Network Installation. Optical fiber is double the strength of Ethernet cable, which allows for more bending of the wire without any interference with the performance of the system. Additionally, PON systems require much less space than the more traditional communication networks in Phoenix, meaning there are less wires lying on the floors or draping across the walls or ceiling.
  • Secure.  A PON offers more security than Ethernet because optical fiber doesn’t conduct electricity. Networks that use electricity tend to experience more faulty security points. PON also has interlocking alarmed fiber, which allows surveillance of various strands that are part of the same bundle.
  • Increases Performance. The optical fibers in passive optical communications networks in Phoenix are made to handle high-bandwidth multimedia applications with speed and reliability. It can support a downstream data rate of 2.5 gigabits/second and an aggregate upstream data rate of 1.25 gigabits/second.

Installing a passive optical communications network in Phoenix allows businesses to increase the performance of their networks while providing a wealth of benefits, including a decrease in total cost, higher security and lightning fast connection speeds. In addition to these benefits, a PON also helps to prepare for the future. Optical fibers have a shelf life of about 50 years and the PON are built to support any advancements in networking and computing that may come in the future. CTS, a professional cabling contractor in Phoenix, specializes in the installation of innovative network systems, which provide solutions to industries throughout Arizona. Please call CTS today at 877-685-2626 or contact us online to learn more about PON and communication networks in Phoenix.

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