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What is MU-MIMO

What is MU-MIMO

Have you heard of MU-MIMO? This new WiFi technology is sure to make a big impact on the tech world.

MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output) adds functionality to Wi-Fi networks by enabling WiFi routers to simultaneously send data to multiple devices. If you are using a smartphone, streaming television, and computer, all at the same time, you are likely used to your devices taking turns accessing the router. You may not actually notice this happening, but it looks like this: slower downloads, choppy streams, and lag.

With MU-MIMO, your WiFi will simply be better. All of your devices will be able to work at the exact same time, accessing Wi-Fi networks and downloading/streaming without delays.

The MU-MIMO technology has its roots in work done several years ago. With the advent of 802.11n WiFi technology, SU-MIMO, or single-user multiple input and multiple-output technology came on the scene. WiFi networks were able to simultaneously transmit and receive streams of data between routers, which made connections faster. However, with this technology, WiFi routers could only communicate with one device at a time.

802.11ac WiFi has helped bolster MU-MIMO. 802.11ac WiFi is the latest wireless standard and has greatly increased the speed of Wi-Fi networks. With 802.11ac in place, MU-MIMO was introduced, but it has yet to be released in many capacities. It is a relatively new technology and as of yet, is only enabled on one 802.11ac WiFi router.

How can MU-MIMO help you? If you use a lot of devices within your home, or have many people accessing the same Wi-Fi networks, either at home or at work, you will notice an increase in speed and connectivity. For people who access public WiFi, if it is enabled with MU-MIMO things should also be much faster. Even if you are not using a MU-MIMO device, you should notice increased speeds for other MIMO devices as it will free up more time for everyone.

It may take awhile before both MU-MIMO devices and MU-MIMO enabled 802.11ac WiFi routers are widely deployed. This is an exciting advent in technology, however, so it would not be surprising to see many people and companies take advantage of MU-MIMO for their WiFi networks, devices, and other technology.

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