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3 IT Challenges with Enterprise Mobility – How ClearPass Can Provide the Solutions

An enterprise network is a business’s private computer network, used to connect company sites and resources. In the age of the smartphone and other wifi technology, enterprise mobility is a growing concern for internet technology professionals.

Consider the issues of access control management when employees are able to link up to the enterprise network using mobile devices — using company wifi technology, users can download personal apps and information, treating the office network like it is a home network. Security and network reliability are problematic, but access control programs like ClearPass Access Management System give IT the tools needed to successfully marry wifi technology and enterprise mobility.

Keeping Company Data Safe With Access Control Programs

How can businesses allow users to access wifi technology while ensuring security protocols are in place?

Access control programs like ClearPass allow employees to use wifi technology and mobile devices without jeopardizing company data. They will be able to configure their own devices, while access control management is made possible with security and authentication settings previously generated by IT.

These types of access control programs enable IT to identify and classify devices connected using business wifi technology, so no unauthorized users or permissions can create problems.

Creating an Integrated System Using Access Control Management

Regardless of where and when users connect using business wifi technology, access control programs like ClearPass provide visibility and reporting to IT. Being able to fully understand the way employees use enterprise mobility allows IT to enforce access control management.

Wifi technology is also used by clients and visitors, so access control management should be integrated with this in mind. Access control programs such as ClearPass can automate and restrict guest access with temporary accounts, automatically expiring visitor credentials, and IT visibility.

Simplifying Access Control Management for IT

Using ClearPass, IT departments can manage network policies from one place,  configuring devices and handling security and privacy concerns. Access control management is manageable without using multiple access control programs, and IT tasks can be automated, saving time and money.

Specific access control programs like ClearPass Onboard allow for self-configuration of mobile devices, keeping data safe and secure without needing IT assistance every single time. Access control management issues involving third party programs are also easily automated with ClearPass, so things like helpdesk tickets can be populated for IT to view and use.

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