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What Is an Access Control System?

A Quick & Easy Guide to Understanding Access Control Systems

Key Card Access in a Commercial Building

Access control systems give a business far greater control over entrances, exits, and sensitive areas than conventional locks and keys. By using devices like keypads and pins, keycards, or biometrics in conjunction with electronic locks, access can be granted or revoked at any time, and each entry point can be monitored and logged so that you know who is accessing your facility and when.

The Components of an Access Control System

A typical access control system can contain any of the following components:

  • Access control server: This computer system stores user information and permissions for all the employees, vendors, and guests that are allowed to access the facility. It allows business owners or managers to alter access settings at any time.
  • Access control panel: This device connects to each electronic lock, verifies user credentials, and sends the authorization to open the lock when access is requested.
  • Access credentials: Issued to each employee, vendor, or guest, access credentials like pins, keycards, key fobs, or biometrics like fingerprints and retinal scans can be used to identify the user and grant facility access. This access can be limited to certain areas only or certain time periods, and access can be altered or revoked at any time.
  • Electronic locks: Used to secure doors, safes, or storage compartments, electronic locks open only for those who have the necessary access permissions, or they can be monitored and opened remotely by authorized personnel.
  • Exit devices: Push bars or panic bars can be added to emergency exits to allow egress during fires, power outages, or other emergencies, and they will automatically re-lock when closed.
  • Door closers: These devices automatically close doors to prevent slamming while aiding in comfort and security.
  • Door openers: Triggered by motion sensors, push buttons, or remote operators, these devices automatically open doors and are ideal for wheelchair access.
  • Video surveillance: Allows your facility to monitor who exits and enters an area, and in conjunction with electronic locks, the surveillance system can be used to grant access remotely.

The Benefits of an Access Control System

From small businesses to large corporations, access control systems can provide great benefits for any business, such as:

  • Easy management of access permissions: Users can be added or removed at any time, access levels can be changed, and logs of access events can be scrutinized.
  • Multiple access levels: Basic access to public areas can be granted to vendors or guests, while employees can have access to restricted areas as needed, and management can receive full access.
  • Streamlined entry to your facility: Employees, vendors, and guests can enter authorized areas easily, while restricted areas remain secure. This is especially useful for after-hours deliveries from trusted vendors.
  • Granular tracking: Entry and exit events are recorded and time-stamped so that you can identify who is coming or going from each area.
  • No keys to lose or copy: Conventional keys can easily be lost or duplicated, while electronic access devices can be purged from the system if lost and new credentials issued.
  • Greater safety and security: With all your doors secured and monitored by an access control system, your facility, employees, and guests will be safer.

Turnkey Access Control Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

When you want a reliable and secure access control system that is tailored to the needs of your business, turn to our team at Corporate Technology Solutions. We serve commercial facilities throughout the Phoenix and Tucson areas, and we can design and install an access control solution that meets your needs and budget requirements.

We feature equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry, and we offer everything from access control systems, electronic locks, and electrified door hardware to video surveillance and cabling solutions. Our company has over 20 years of experience installing and serving commercial security and access control systems, and we are available 24/7 for support. With thousands of completed projects and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services, you can count on us for all your access control needs.

Call us today at 877-685-2626 or contact us online to request a quote for a commercial access control system in Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, Gilbert, or the surrounding areas.

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