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Why Property Owners Consider Enhanced DAS before Construction Begins

Why Property Owners Consider Enhanced DAS before Construction Begins

The Long-Term Property Value of Updated Distributed Antenna Systems & Improved Cellular Signal

Before, we’ve blogged about how cellular connectivity and signal strength should be seen by property owners as a utility. Just as employees and tenants come to expect working heating and cooling systems, flowing clean water, and electricity to power their equipment and devices, they also have come to expect reliable network strength.

Because employees, guests, and customers bring their own devices with them almost everywhere they go (whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop), they not only need but come to expect strong, reliable wireless signal. This changing expectation provides pressure on commercial developers but also allows for equal opportunity to stay ahead of the trends and continue providing a seamless transition from outdoors to in—before construction even begins on your new building.

What Interferes With Cellular Signal?

When constructing a new building, in addition to considering adding enhanced DAS infrastructure, it’s important to keep in mind what exactly causes poor signal strength. We’ve seen increased reliance on glass and heavier insulation in design and construction can hamper network connectivity. We also know that solid concrete structured and other building materials (mesh, pipes, steel, etc.) can contribute to certain areas or corners of the building being unreliable for your tenants.

What Do Building Managers Currently Do?

While it is a growing trend to keep network connectivity needs (which we know are ever increasing) in mind during constructions, it hasn’t always been in the past. Tenants often have to install their own coverage enhancement systems or simply deal with sub-standard cellular service and signal strength.

Considering Wireless Connectivity Before Construction Begins

Business developers or current building managers have increased pressure to make their wireless connectivity (both cellular signal and Wi-Fi) reliable for their employees and customers throughout their entire buildings. Even more than just phones and computers require connectivity these days—from printers to security systems and thermostats to the never-ending release of new “smart” devices.

While retrofitting enhancements can be made, it’s much easier to plan and consider needs from the start (ground up). With any new construction projects, property owners should take DAS (and potential future needs) in to account before the foundation is even laid. With that viewpoint, it will be installed and implemented with the intent to last a life time, rather than causing building owners the headache of upgrading to meet with increasing demands. This can also be a great asset and selling point for interested parties when reselling or even leasing their properties to tenants.

DAS Installation & Service in the Southwest

Corporate Technology Solutions provides full DAS services, from installation and maintenance to design and testing. We have offices in Tempe and Tucson, but can provide turnkey services throughout Arizona. Contact us to get started on improving the wireless signal strength throughout your new building today!

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