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Benefits Of An Industrial Paging & Intercom System

Do you feel like your business requires a better communication system to be more efficient? When everyone is busy at work, individual device communication may not get important information across quickly enough. It can be daunting to find the right audiovisual systems to invest in, but the experts at Corporate Technology Solutions can help! We’ve been in business for over 25 years and have installed customized paging and intercom systems for all kinds of businesses and buildings including Paradise Valley Unified Schools.

An industrial paging and intercom system could fit your business perfectly. This addition to your building can simplify and streamline a range of critical business functions. Consider the following reasons why paging and intercom systems are so widely used today.

Simplified Communication

While other technologies such as email and texting have largely replaced printed office memos, paging and intercom systems offer even faster, more streamlined communication. Simply touch a button, and you can speak directly to your desired contact.

Best of all, because intercom systems are dedicated interoffice devices, they don’t introduce a processing burden to your existing network. All office buildings can be transformed into a communications powerhouse. Whether you have a single active work zone or thousands, there’s an industrial paging and intercom system that’s right for you.

Commercial Security & Safety

An overlooked feature from day to day is the ability to make wide-area, intra-building announcements during an emergency. This mass notification function lets you communicate to your entire staff in an instant.

In the event of a burglary or assault, a paging and intercom system helps you usher people to safety. Of equal importance is the ability to communicate and coordinate efforts with the authorities when they arrive in the lobby.

Accessibility Control

It’s possible to tie an industrial paging and intercom system to your existing access control specifications. This prevents unauthorized personnel or intruders from gaining access to off-limit areas of the building.

When your needs change, reconfiguring the access control parameters is a simple process. This gives you the flexibility to grow and modify your building’s accessibility over time, all with the additional control provided by your paging and intercom system.


You have numerous communication and commercial security systems to choose from, but why opt for overly complicated solutions when you can benefit from a streamlined, fully integrated intercom system? Combined with access control, industrial paging can replace the unnecessary hurdles and security risks of ordinary locks and keys. It’s a solution everyone in your office can get behind.

Productivity Boost

When every employee has access to quick, convenient intra-office communication, job satisfaction and productivity both increase. After all, hands-free communication with a simple touch of a button is faster than emailing or texting, two other go-to options for office communication.

The interconnectivity created by paging systems can pay for itself in increased productivity. Just think: you can recover dozens of lost hours per month, especially if your current form of communication is to walk across the office to ask a question (and repeat the trip if you forgot something).

Industrial Paging & Intercom Systems in the Southwest

Corporate Technology Solutions installs advanced ThreeSixty paging and intercom systems with accuracy and precision to ensure you maximize the benefits outlined here. These solutions are among the most advanced in their class, with features delivered on a single laptop server for easy installation, use, and management.

Contact Corporate Technology Solutions today to learn more about industrial paging and intercom systems or to request an estimate. We offer installation and services in Arizona.

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