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Copper Cabling or Fiber Cabling: How To Choose

fiber optic strandsThere are many factors to consider when making your choice of fiber versus copper cabling. Both possess unique advantages; your final decision will ultimately depend on your specific environment and requirements. It’s vital to enlist a professional to correctly consider all things when deciding between optic fiber versus copper.

Whether your cabling is in a business/office environment or a residential property, consider the following when deciding between copper and fiber materials.

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Fiber is faster than copper, plain and simple. Bandwidth is the space and speed allowed for data transmission, so when you have a versatile material like fiber that has more space for that data and allows it to transmit faster over longer distances, it becomes the ideal choice for cabling.

Fiber offers significantly higher bandwidth at almost 1,000 times as much as copper, and it consistently travels faster for homeowners and businesses alike. All this to say that copper can still do the job, but if speed and efficiency are important to you, fiber is the way to go.

Reliability & Signal Strength

Again, fiber wins this battle. Copper is more susceptible to factors like electromagnetic interference (which interrupts data transmission), weather/temperature, and signal loss. Fiber optic cables do not conduct an electric current and are notably stronger in these categories, giving them a higher signal strength over long distances.

Optic fiber cables can also safely be submerged in water, offering more options for placement and location and added peace of mind knowing they won’t be affected by inclement weather.

Cable Durability

Copper cabling can withstand about 25 to 30 pounds of tension, while fiber optic cables sustain nearly 200 pounds of pressure. Although it’s made of glass, fiber cabling is built with a protective coating for enhanced durability and will only be damaged by direct intention. Copper cabling is far more likely to be damaged due to improper installation or common accidents. Even with its weight, copper cabling cannot withstand the conditions that optic fiber cables can.  


The cost of fiber cabling has reduced significantly over the years. Is fiber cheaper than copper? If you look at initial costs, the answer is typically no. Fiber optic cables may cost more upfront, but you’ll save in the long run with reduced maintenance, extended life span, and lower expenses. Copper cabling typically implies additional costs for things like wiring closets, and it may even limit the space you have to work within your home or business.

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We know the various considerations and implications of copper and fiber cabling make for a daunting choice, making it essential to rely on the experience of a pro. That’s why the experts at Corporate Technology Solutions are here to streamline your decision-making process and provide the best cabling solutions for your industrial or financial business in the surrounding Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson regions.

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