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Feature Comparison: Intercom vs Paging Systems

Modern business telephones have evolved to incorporate several functions that previously required the use of multiple pieces of equipment. That means businesses can now provide comprehensive, cost-effective in-house communication via one unified network. Paging and intercom systems in Phoenix allow your business to deliver and respond to messages quickly, and are a vital resource in any comprehensive communication system.

Paging Systems: Sending a Clear Message

When an immediate response is not required, paging systems are ideal. Rather than relying on one set phone extension, a paging system in Phoenix allows you to broadcast a message through a network of extensions and speakers to reach an employee wherever they are. For businesses where employees are frequently on the move, paging ensures they will know when and where they are needed, or that an event is about to occur. If your name has ever been called over the speakers in an airport, you understand the basic function of a paging system.

Intercom Systems:  A Back-and-Forth Option

Intercom systems, on the other hand, allow for a two-way communication network in Phoenix companies. Here, messages are transmitted through either telephone handsets or over a speaker system. The interactive nature of an intercom system means you can reach employees and get a response even if they are not accessible by an extension. Intercom systems in Phoenix typically operate similar to a walkie-talkie system, allowing you to transmit information to an employee who has the option- rather than the obligation, as with a phone call- of either responding right away or getting back to you when they can. Their ability to reach an employee is similar to  paging systems in Phoenix, but with the key difference of allowing for a response if required.

A Unified Alternative

It’s now possible to utilize a system that combines features of paging and intercom systems in Phoenix. In this convenient option, handsets and/or loudspeakers are used to broadcast a primary message, and employees can respond by entering a code on any network handset.

CTS is a proud authorized dealer of Teradon Systems for Paging, Intercom and Video Distribution. Their advanced paging and intercom systems in Phoenix, like the Teradon Raptor V, use the most innovative technology available today. All of their progressive, cost-effective systems can be installed, operated, and managed quickly and easily. To learn more about CTS’s and Teradon’s unique, forward-thinking paging and intercom systems in Phoenix, call 877-685-2626 or contact us online.

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