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Ethernet Alliance Announces Successful Completion of IEEE 802.3bz Standard

If your business has connectivity requirements, HDBaseT could be the solution you seek. This cabling technology transmits ultra-high-definition video, audio, Ethernet, control signals, USB, and up to 100 watts (W) of power—all over a single, long-distance category 5 (Cat 5) cable or higher. With this technology, you can connect and power household entertainment devices, commercial audiovisual equipment, automotive entertainment systems, and even industrial PCs.

If you currently have Ethernet cabling, you are a good candidate for converting to HDBaseT. To learn how our cabling contractors can help you switch seamlessly, please contact us.

Applications for HDBaseT

Since HDBaseT was originally introduced in 2010, it has revolutionized options for audiovisual distribution. Today, the technology is optimized for use in several different markets, including:

  • Home connectivity: In our increasingly connected homes, cabling is necessary to watch TV and movies, browse the web, and play video games. HDBaseT can handle applications as simple as a two-box TV setup to the most cutting-edge, multi-room home networking system.
  • Commercial audiovisual needs: HDBaseT has become the cabling solution of choice for digital signage, video displays, projectors, and other corporate applications. It has been deployed in settings as diverse as retail, education, hospitality, government, and more.
  • Automotive entertainment systems: With guarantees of top performance and low latency, HDBaseT is the perfect solution for in-vehicle connectivity. It tunnels video and data streams at up to 6Gbs over a single 15-meter (50-foot) unshielded twisted pair cable.
  • Industrial computing: Reliable connectivity is essential for guaranteed performance and control in an industrial setting. HDBaseT supports daisy-chain installation for multi-display applications, all with near-zero latency.

Benefits of HDBaseT

Before the advent of HDBaseT, audiovisual professionals all had the same question: how do you deliver high-quality audio and visual over a reasonable distance? The answer used to require complex, high-cost setups or serious compromises on content quality or range. HDBaseT solves these problems by providing the following benefits:

  • Long-distance transmission: It’s possible to connect devices with cables up to 100 meters (328 feet) with a single hop and up to 800 meters (2,625 feet) with eight hops.
  • Reduced cord clutter: When a single cord delivers video, audio, Ethernet, control signals, USB and power, you’re left with a simple, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing solution to your connectivity needs.
  • Flexibility: Users aren’t limited by the location of power outlets because 100-meter-long HDBaseT cables carry power with them, meaning devices that use up to 100W of energy don’t need to plug into the wall.
  • High performance: You shouldn’t have to compromise distance for quality. The current generation of HDBaseT can deliver up to 4K video along hundreds of meters of cabling, and 8K is already in the works.
  • Affordability: If you have Ethernet cabling in your home or business, upgrading to HDBaseT is easy and inexpensive. This cabling solution doesn’t use the Ethernet network, but it can be installed via the already existing infrastructure. Following installation, maintenance is also low-cost thanks to the simple layout of HDBaseT cabling.
  • Consistency: HDBaseT is an industry standard, making it compatible with most systems today. The only major limitation is that some televisions use over 100W of power. However, as the market turns toward HDTVs that consume less energy, investing in new displays could create the opportunity for an entirely HDBaseT-connected system.

Install HDBaseT in Arizona

HDBaseT could be the answer to your audiovisual needs, whether at home, in the car, or at your business. To hire cabling contractors in to install HDBaseT Phoenix or Tucson, contact Corporate Technology Solutions.

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