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How Long Should Horizontal Cabling Be? Horizontal vs. Backbone

Blue structured cablingThe efficient operation of your computer systems and networks relies on choosing the right cabling methods for your structured cabling.

Horizontal and backbone cabling methods have their uses and can complement one another based on the cabling environment and the specifications of your operations and structure.

At Corporate Technology Solutions, our structured cabling specialists can help you select the optimal solution to deliver superior performance, reliability, and accessibility in Phoenix. We can install the horizontal and backbone cabling solutions required to connect your business and services to your clients.

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What Is Horizontal Cabling?

Horizontal cabling travels from the telecom room or dedicated enclosure into the work area outlet or directly to each workstation outlet. This creates a reliable link between each computer and the telecommunications room.

The most common cabling used for horizontal configurations is copper Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. However, using fiber optics for this purpose is also possible. At its longest, TIA standards stipulate that horizontal cabling must be limited to 90 meters, regardless of which cable type is used.

Horizontal vs. Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling connects entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and telecom rooms. It’s designed to run between floors and must be strong enough to support weight on the cable. It must also be properly secured to ensure stability.

Horizontal cabling connects telecom rooms to individual outlets throughout the structure’s floors; unlike backbone cabling, it shouldn’t be run between floors. Both horizontal and backbone cabling are required to adhere to rigid fire-rating standards.

How to Determine the Proper Length of Horizontal Cabling

The maximum length for horizontal cabling should be 250 ft., and the telecommunications room should be located on the same floor. Cable trays should be used to distribute the horizontal wiring to each communication outlet to facilitate easier installation and future expansion needs.

Horizontal cables should be secured using J-hooks attached directly to the structure via wood screws, lag bolts, or self-tapping depending on whether the material is wood, concrete, plaster, or metal. The J-hooks should be mounted no more than four feet apart. However, closer spacing is acceptable around corners or other mechanical equipment.

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The team at Corporate Technology Solutions provides a full range of structured cabling options for our clients in Arizona. Our turn-key services include design/build, project management, installation and commissioning, maintenance, and more.

Our top priority is your systems’ safety and reliability. Our specialists will ensure your systems comply with all local, state, and federal codes and regulations. When you want effective solutions that deliver exceptional performance, you can depend on our team to provide the superior results required for your needs.

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