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3 Advantages of Mesh Networks for Businesses

Corporate Technology Solutions LogoCommunication is the key to business success, which is why it’s imperative to ensure that your networks are always up and running. A reliable network is the key to the flow of information, whether it’s industrial monitoring and control, medical monitoring, security systems, etc.

When you need stability, range, enhanced security, and scalability, all within a cost-effective solution, mesh networks are a smart investment that will deliver the reliability you require.

What Is a Mesh Network?

Traditional wireless networks offer a limited number of access points to transmit data to PCs, laptops, telephones, and other devices connected to the network. However, mesh networks utilize multiple nodes that branch off and serve as access points. These nodes are programmed to process information and interact with other nodes within the network. They allow nearby devices to gain access to the network via these nodes.

Further, each node can relay data to any node within the network. This process creates a flexible and expandable network that is fast and capable of maintaining the flow of information should any nodes fail.

Full Mesh Networks

In full mesh networks, the nodes are connected directly to each node in the network. When arranged in a partial configuration, some of the nodes are connected to one another. Whether to use a full or partial topography depends on traffic patterns and a determination regarding the potential risk for failure at any given node.

Both partial and full mesh networks can be wired or wireless, depending on preference and need. These options give your business considerable flexibility and allow you to customize the configuration to best address the logistical requirements of your operations.

The Key Benefits of Mesh Networking

There are plenty of reasons to invest in mesh networks for your Arizona business. When you want reliability, increased productivity, and cost-effective connectivity, they’ll provide the solutions you need.

Meet Connectivity Demands

Mesh networks are built for the modern world of technology that centers on a steep increase in connectivity demands. As technology evolves and computing power grows exponentially, the ability to process ever-growing data streams will be the defining factor separating successful businesses from those left behind. Embracing the power of mesh networking will ensure reliable, seamless wireless connectivity throughout your operations. This results in fewer errors, faster response times, and increased capabilities for your business to rapidly pursue opportunities when they arise.

Improve Reliability & Security

Mesh networks make it easy to embed malware protection that will protect your business from costly and reputation-damaging hacks. Further, they’re faster and more reliable than outdated systems, giving your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Get a Better Return on Investment

The lower upfront costs and minimal maintenance required to support a mesh network generate a superior return on investment than alternative solutions. Embracing a mesh network will save you money and facilitate greater productivity, increasing your business’s profitability.

Why Choose Corporate Technology Solutions?

Since 1998, the team at Corporate Technology Solutions has delivered the solutions and services that have helped businesses throughout the region achieve their goals. We work closely with your company to ensure you have scalable, cost-effective solutions that improve your networks’ performance and increase your enterprise’s productivity.

When you want effective solutions from Glendale to Chandler or Tucson, you can rely on our team to use our expertise and experience to help you realize your objectives.

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