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New Technology Feature: MulteFire

New Technology Feature: MulteFire

At Corporate Technology Solutions, we are always making sure we’re staying up to date with industry trends and new technology that will help us better serve our clients and provide truly innovative, custom low voltage solutions to businesses in the Southwest. Below, we’ve outlined a new technology recently introduced to the market: MulteFire.

Read on to learn more or call us today to discover how we can help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your business today!

What Is MulteFire?

MulteFire is a relatively new technology from Qualcomm that is an LTE-based technology operated solely in unlicensed spectrum. As a standalone version of LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U), it does not require an “anchor” in licensed spectrum, which helps provide better coverage and higher quality network than other technologies to those that may not have access to unlicensed bands.

Who Benefits from MulteFire’s Technology?

Since users don’t need to have access to a licensed spectrum, the new technology broadens the LTE ecosystem and allows more people to create high quality networks. Broadband Internet service providers, venue owners—think stadiums and arenas—and enterprise businesses can all benefit from the technology and help provide better connectivity to their customers or employees.

For property owners with dense environments—whether you have a lot of employees in your bullpen, see a lot of foot traffic through your mall, or often hear guests complain of slowed cellular service—it provides a better user experience for wireless access for both data-heavy Internet use and making video or voice calls.

Benefits of MulteFire

MulteFire provide LTE-like performance with Wi-Fi-like simplicity:
Nurse Call System

Source: Qualcomm Technologies ( )

When Is MulteFire Available?

At the time of this article, Qualcomm Technologies reports that MulteFire will be released depending on the market demand and customer requests. It is currently filing in the FCC’s proceeding related to LTE-U and LAA.

What Is Our Take?

To us, MulteFire is an exciting advancement in technology. At the core of our business, we strive to put our customers’ needs first. As a business owner or property manager, the user experience of guests, employees, and customers in your property is likely your first priority. With increased reliance on connected devices—often more than one per person when you count smart phones, wearable technology, tablets, laptops, etc.—providing an uninterrupted streaming or heavy-data usage experience is important. Your guests and employees may not notice or mention when wireless connection and cellular usage is great—but we know you’ll hear about it when the connection jams up or slows down. Any advancements in technology that would allow us to provide better, stronger, and more reliable wireless connectivity to our clients is a win in our book and we will be following the roll out of MulteFire through the market.

Questions about improving the wireless connectivity and cellular signal in your Southwest building? Give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can provide a customized solution. We operate throughout the Southwest, including Arizona.

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