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New Wire for New POE Standard 802.3bt

There is a new 4-pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE) wire, going hand in hand with the Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard, 802.3bt.

The 4PPoE wire has a high rate of power supply, which can power up to 100 watts, four to five times greater than the current rate of power available within structured cabling systems. This technology is set to vastly improve structured cabling systems, as it will allow for more powerful terminal equipment to run on network cables. The 4PPoE wire means there is no longer a need for parallel power cabling.

Going forward, PoE will require the use of all four twisted pairs within network cabling to handle the energy transfer, which is why it is named 4-pair Power over Ethernet.

Cabling standards have to address some of the issues with 4PPoE. Because it is twisted-pair copper cabling, it may heat up when it is supplying power, meaning there may be an increase in attenuation. Cabling standards dealing with the avoidance of critical temperature increases are important, as they help protect the power available within the structured cabling systems, and set out safety measures to avoid too much heat. Proper safety precautions must be taken to avoid the risk of fire, for example. Cabling standards set out all of the information needed to mitigate risk.

For those installing structured cabling systems using this Power over Ethernet wire, there are tools available to ensure standards are met. Installers can use a PoE calculator that takes all factors into consideration, including ambient air temperature, cable lengths, and cable types.

This Power over Ethernet cabling will support many applications. As it is able to transfer Ethernet speed of 10 gigabits, it will be used for data transfer, but it can also be used to power IP terminal devices like cameras, monitors, wireless access points, and point-of-sale terminals via the local data network.

PoE can also be used to support the Internet of Things, powering sensors and control systems in remote locations without needing cables.

The new wire for PoE standard 802.3bt is a major victory for improving and advancing technology. This is a development that is very exciting for many people using structured cabling systems, as an increase in power is something that everyone can benefit from, whether it is a company or its users.

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