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What does 802.11ac bring to WIFI?

802.11ac is the latest WiFi standard, overtaking numerous other standards that were previously introduced. It has many advantages for consumers and enterprises.

CTS Cabling is excited about 802.11ac in general, whether it is the fast, secure Wave 1, or the extremely efficient Wave 2. Whether you are thinking about a distributed antenna system or other WiFi technology, 802.11ac technology can help you.

802.11ac offers a large amount of power and efficiency. This type of technology can extend device battery life by over 30%! It boasts data rates of over a gigabit per second, and can handle high densities of devices without failing.

802.11ac uses more antennas, wider channels, and more spatial streams, offering greater reliability for your DAS installation and other networks. There will be less interference, with more overlapping channels.

One exciting aspect of 802.11ac is the implementation of MU-MIMO technology. With this type of technology, different streams can be transmitted to multiple users or multiple devices, simultaneously. A phone, streaming television, and computer can all access the network without experiencing any kind of lag or slowed speeds.

Overall, 802.11ac enables smartphone clients to gain the best boost in performance when using your DAS installation, a remarkable feat as these devices are usually the slowest on the network.

Those still using 802.11n devices will see better performance with an 802.11ac distributed antenna system or other network, due to improved radio and antenna designs.

Many people and companies have come on board with 802.11ac, including CTS cabling. Thousands of devices are 802.11ac certified and more and more consumers are snapping up this technology, which means businesses must be prepared.

CTS Cabling can help you modify or otherwise work with your distributed antenna system or other network to ensure compatibility, when you decide to migrate to 802.11ac technology. Parts of your DAS installation may need to be adjusted, along with other challenges facing companies hoping to achieve network readiness.

At CTS Cabling we are experts in 802.11ac tech, along with legacy wireless standards, and are confident that we can help you harness the power of 802.11ac for your DAS installation and other technology. Get in touch with us to find out exactly with 802.11ac can bring to your enterprise’s WiFi system, and how to modify your current set-up to make the transition as seamless as possible.

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