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Why Is My CCTV Quality So Bad?

Four Reasons Why and How To Fix It

A CCTV security camera and a motion sensor attachedYou can take pictures that would be mistaken for professional photos on your smartphone now — so why is your CCTV quality so bad? Even though there’s been many advancements in video technology over the past decade, poor image quality from CCTV is still pretty common.

When investing in CCTV equipment to protect your property, you want to know that the footage it captures will be helpful. In this article, we’ll discuss a few reasons why your CCTV quality is so bad and what you can do about it.

Low Resolution

Your camera’s resolution is mainly responsible for your CCTV footage’s graininess (or lack thereof). High-resolution equipment can zoom in significantly without losing quality, whereas low-resolution footage can make it seem impossible to know what you’re looking at.

You should invest in high-resolution CCTV equipment to ensure the best picture quality. A professional can recommend top-tier CCTV equipment and handle your CCTV installation process from start to finish.

Poorly Maintained Equipment

Like your home or car, your CCTV equipment must be adequately maintained. Some components can get damaged over time and need to be repaired or replaced. If you notice a decrease in CCTV footage quality, contact a local professional who can repair your equipment. Then, set up routine CCTV maintenance services to keep your equipment in top condition.


Once your CCTV equipment records something, it stores the footage on your computer. While transferring the footage to the computer, the footage may be compressed into a smaller file to take up less space on your device. It can result in a loss of picture quality.

Some compression methods will result in less image quality loss than others. You should contact a local security camera professional to learn more about your options.

Dirty Cameras

Many CCTV setups are installed outdoors to deter criminals and record the property’s perimeter. However, outdoor cameras are exposed to the elements, pests, and debris. If your CCTV equipment is outdoors and the image quality is poor, you may need to clean the camera lenses. It seems simple, but it’s a quick and easy way to improve the CCTV quality.

If you feel uncomfortable cleaning the equipment, contact a security system expert. They can clean the equipment and perform any necessary repairs.

Why Choose Corporate Technology Solutions?

You paid a lot for your CCTV technology, and you should feel confident that the footage will be helpful if you need it. Keep your CCTV setup in good condition and improve the video quality with help from Corporate Technology Solutions. We’re a low-voltage integration design firm providing CCTV installation, repair, and maintenance services for commercial and government properties. Our experienced, knowledgeable team can take care of your video surveillance needs.

Contact us online or call 877-685-2626 today to schedule CCTV installation, repair, or maintenance services in Tucson, Tempe, or Phoenix, AZ.

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