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Wireless and IoT Bring Mobile Control Over Workplace

The days of hard-wiring a building are coming to an end. The future is wireless.

If you’re not yet familiar with the term “Internet of Things,” be prepared to hear about it with increasing frequency in the coming years. It’s estimated that by 2020, more than 30 billion devices worldwide will be connected to the IoT. Wireless connectivity in your building gives you the opportunity to utilize the IoT and bring mobile control over the workplace.

What Is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is the interconnection of everyday objects via Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Devices can then speak to each other over the Internet to collect information, communicate alerts, and manage assets. Homes, businesses, and even entire cities can utilize the IoT to improve security, efficiency, and safety.

Applications for the Internet of Things

In the past, all the systems in a building stood alone. The lights turned on when you flipped the switch. The security system engaged when you set the alarm. The HVAC system operated when the thermostat triggered it. But the IoT ties in all of these devices to the Internet and each other. The applications are nearly endless. Here are just a few examples:

  • Sprinkler systems turn on and off automatically based on the weather forecast.
  • Public safety networks ensure adequate cell phone reception inside large structures of concrete and steel.
  • Access control notifications are sent directly to your phone.
  • Alerts regarding low water, oil, and gas levels in storage tanks are sent directly to your phone.
  • Wi-Fi security cameras allow you to wirelessly monitor live feeds from another web-enabled device.
  • Water leak and fire sensors notify you if there’s an emergency.
  • Internet-connected appliances and lights maximize operational efficiency and let you control settings from anywhere.
  • Searchable inventory in an online database eases the process of locating items in a large warehouse.
  • Machines and equipment can auto-diagnose any problems they experience.

How to Set Up the Internet of Things at Your Workplace

A building designed to accommodate wireless connectivity is much more flexible than one with hard-wired cables. For instance, an open office space can easily accommodate 50 workstations without cabling required at each one. This makes the workspace cleaner, less cluttered, and easier to renovate in the future.

To take advantage of the IoT, you need to set up a wireless network in your building. Small cell networks, similar to routers used in residential applications, or distributed antenna systems (DAS) are useful for providing wireless communications throughout a commercial building, large work site, or industrial area.

Then, connect Wi-Fi devices to the network as you see fit, from thermostats and sprinkler systems to security cameras and lights. The ability to expand and modify the IoT gives you limitless mobile control over your workplace.

Get Help Setting Up the Internet of Things

The importance of seamless wireless coverage can’t be overstated. If there are weak signals anywhere in your facility, it could impact building security, safety, and operational efficiency.

That’s why you should trust Corporate Technology Solutions to design and install wireless connectivity solutions best suited to meet your needs. We’ll analyze all aspects of your building’s network during a wireless site survey and produce a design that will serve as the backbone of your IoT system.

Wireless is the wave of the future—don’t be left behind! Contact Corporate Technology Solutions to schedule the wireless communication services you need to get the Internet of Things set up in your commercial building. We serve businesses throughout the Southwest, including Arizona.

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