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In-Building Solutions

In-Building Solutions

Full-Service In-Building Installations, Engineering & Maintenance Services

Your employees and customers alike expect a strong wireless signal from the moment they walk through your doors to even the most remedial tasks. A poor wireless and cellular signal can cause an increase in frustration and decrease in productivity and efficiency—two situations that no building manager wants to think about. If you’re experiencing similar issues, you may need in-building solutions from Corporate Technology Solutions to improve the wireless signal strength throughout your property.

Corporate Technology Solutions works closely with each of our unique customers to satisfy specific needs and wants—in addition to providing our own expert insight to further improve each project with custom in-building solutions. Get started on an in-building solution for your property by contacting us today.

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Why Does Your Building Have Poor Wireless & Cellular Signal?

There are many factors that can contribute to weak or unreliable signal throughout your building—both inherited from the building and how you layout your space. Our in-building technicians will work with your property to determine the causes and solutions for improving weak network signal. Common causes include:

  • Number of employees– each employee likely has more than one device connecting online (sometimes even more than five) when you include work and personal cellular phones, desk phones with VoIP, laptops and desktop computers, printers and other office equipment, and even other smart devices like fitness trackers, Smartwatches, and tablets.
  • Building layout– most buildings include interior spaces that are blocked by thick walls or even mazes of hallways to get from an exterior wall to that particular conference room or office. If your main offices are located at the center of your building, you may encounter unreliable signal within those walls.
  • Building interference– this includes certain metals, wire mesh, piping, insulation materials, surrounding trees and plans, parking garages, and more. That big concrete parking garage attached to the back of your building could even be causing issues in your nearby conference room.

Learn more about your building’s wireless and cellular service capabilities when you call Corporate Technology Solutions at (877) 685-2626! 

Choosing Fiber Optics for Your In-Building Infrastructure

Fiber cabling, in lieu of copper cabling, has become a growing trend for improving in-building wireless signal strength and network connectivity. Fiber allows for cleaner, simpler cabling solutions and provides the capacity for unlimited bandwidth. It also costs less to install, requires less networking hardware, and is more readily available than copper (reducing installation time for improving the network signal throughout your building).

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Corporate Technology Solutions Provides In-Building Solutions in Arizona

Corporate Technology Solutions is able to improve in-building coverage problems in areas as small as several hundred square feet to large office parks of several hundred thousand square feet. You can expect improvement for all wireless and cellular devices, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and even LTE devices.

Enjoy the high speeds of reliable in-building wireless connectivity from Corporate Technology Solutions by contacting us today at our offices throughout the Southwest, including Tempe and Tucson.

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