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WiFi for Healthcare

WiFi for Healthcare

In recent years, an increasing number of healthcare providers have embraced the technological age in which we live, opting for fiber optic installation or wireless installation in their buildings. With such cabling upgrades, hospitals and practices across the nation have been able to provide patients and families with a long list of highly effective, personalized healthcare solutions.

The following are a few examples in which healthcare providers have improved services through the installation of a WiFi network:

  • Patient Focused Mobile Apps. Many healthcare providers use mobile apps to improve the quality of care as well as satisfaction levels among patients. These apps allow patients to stay connected with their physicians, nurses and other healthcare team members, and access hospital provided information, such as reference materials, medical notices and staff directories. Many apps also allow for the integration of third-party systems, such as social media, to provide real time information to patients. Additionally, there are a number of medical indoor mobile apps that include such features as GPS to help patients better navigate large spaces, such as those in hospitals, as well as nurse call technology.
  • Healthcare Provider Tools. In addition to providing WiFi serviced tools for patients, such as mobile apps, hospitals employ a number of healthcare tools for exclusive use by their healthcare staff. After undergoing WiFi or fiber optic installation, hospitals are able to securely onboard mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, onto their WiFi networks. Such devices can then be used for a variety of purposes, including accessing electronic health records and tests, or perhaps to more easily explain a complicated procedure.
  • Visitor Access. To help patients stay connected with family and friends during their stay, healthcare providers have begun offering visitor WiFi access. This has allowed patients to easily communicate via Skype, and post updates to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

By working with qualified WiFi and fiber optic installation professionals, healthcare providers can enjoy high quality, reliable networks for services, such as those listed above.

If you are interested in installing a WiFi system with strong, constant service for a variety of healthcare tools, such as mobile apps, medical devices, mass notification systems and nurse call technology, look no further than CTS Cabling. As experts in special systems service, we are confident in our abilities to deliver you with a custom wireless system that will meet each of your individual needs as a healthcare provider. To learn more about wireless or fiber optic installation for services, such as mass notification systems and nurse call systems in Phoenix and other areas throughout the Southwest, call CTS Cabling at  877-685-2626 or contact us online.

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